Print Capabilities

Printing Capabilities

We’re one of the only box manufacturers in the country with a world-class prepress and flexographic, lithographic, and digital box printing capabilities all under one roof. That means you can be sure you’ll get accurate color, layout, and high quality printing every time

Our Box Printing Options


Flexographic box printing is the most common print method for shipping boxes where the print is applied directly to the corrugated material.

  • Up to 3 colors
  • Direct print to the corrugated material
  • Requires one-time investment in print plates



Lithographic box printing is the highest quality printing method available and is often used on boxes and displays in high visibility areas such as retail environments and promotional projects.

  • Up to 6 colors
  • Print applied to 80# coated paper then laminated to the corrugated material
  • Most optimal for larger box quantities


Eliminate the need for print plates and get high quality print on lower quantity orders with digital box printing.

Prepress Excellence

We are G7 Master-Facility-qualified. Let our 10-person prepress team show you what printing excellence is all about, by demonstrating the highest possible level of print quality and consistency on your custom shipping box.

Design Printed Shipping Boxes Today

At Bolt Boxes, we understand that every customer’s packaging needs are different, and our entire team is completely committed to delivering custom printed packaging solutions for your business. Get your products shipped faster with quick custom packaging and high-quality customer service from the fastest box manufacturer in the world.

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