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If you want your business to thrive, your packaging design and materials should match your brand image and goals. There are multiple ways to craft and print designs for your packaging materials. Digital box printing is a versatile choice to meet all of your packaging needs.

Bolt Boxes offers digital box printing services for all businesses. We’ll help you design, format and print your boxes from scratch for the best results.

What Is Digital Box Printing?

Digital printing involves reproducing electronic images onto various materials. It’s a direct-to-surface method, so we apply the image directly to the material without the need for cylinders or print plates. Digital printing is associated with and preferred for cardboard and coated boxes.

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The Digital Printing Process

Digital printing’s streamlined process is ideal for cardboard boxes, especially in large quantities. With digital box printing, you’ll skip the prepress step and extra formatting materials to apply your design straight to the box. The steps include the following:

  1. Your design team or our in-house experts will prepare a file with a high enough resolution to match the print’s dimensions.
  2. We add bleed and crop marks to the printing outline.
  3. We’ll maximize the use of paper space to reduce resource requirements.
  4. Once we establish the file, we convert it to PDF, GIF, TIFF, JPEG or BMP file formats.
  5. We send the files to our printing machines and start production.

Digital box printing allows us to make adjustments or variations much easier than other printing methods. If you want multiple designs or similar images with different sizes, we’ll easily accommodate your needs.

When You Need Digital Box Printing

There are a few scenarios where you might choose digital printing over other forms, such as when:

  • You want hyper-realistic images or precise photos
  • You need multiple variations or custom prints
  • You need to expedite your order
  • You only need samples or short runs

Digital Box Printing Benefits

More companies are turning to digital printing to improve image quality and production times. When you choose digital printing with Bolt Boxes, you’ll experience advantages such as:

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Bolt Boxes has been a custom box manufacturing industry leader for over 60 years. We’ll help you create shipping and product boxes that showcase your brand identity and protect your products.

Our team will find solutions to any issue or design question with our unique manufacturing capabilities. We offer C-series mailing boxes, RSC standard shipping boxes and end-loading corrugated boxes to help you package and deliver your products.

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