Comparing Brown Kraft Paper Boxes With Other Varieties

When it comes to corrugated cardboard options, white and natural brown kraft boxes are the two standards on the market. If you’d like to customize your shipping boxes to adopt a solid color other than brown, you’d have to print color on either a brown Kraft paper box or a standard white shipping package.

Brown kraft paper boxes are more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective than white boxes. Custom kraft boxes are also an excellent choice for supporting a variety of print designs. On the other hand, many companies prefer white corrugated board for yielding brighter and more exact ink colors.


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7 Advantages to Using Custom Printed Kraft Boxes

Seven advantages of choosing custom printed kraft boxes over other types of packaging include:

1. High Quality: Corrugated kraft boxes stand up to more adverse conditions — like heat, shock, moisture and humidity — better than any other type of packaging.

2. Easily customizable: You can easily customize brown kraft paper boxes into any design, shape or style. Personalizing your printed kraft boxes with your company’s logo, mascot or specialized message is a surefire way to attract attention toward your brand.

3. Affordable: The raw materials required to manufacture printed kraft boxes are readily available in today’s market. The result? Low-cost packaging.

4. Versatile: Printed kraft boxes can be customized to transport anything from fragile to heavy items and have an elegant look that lends itself well to protecting small, valuable objects. Although there are numerous classes of brown kraft boxes, the carton type is most widely known for the packaging of food, soap, cosmetics and gift items.

5. Durable: Corrugated kraft boxes are the package of choice when it comes to custom made boxes for shipping. Kraft boxes can be used to wrap and transport a diverse range of products regardless of their shape, size and weight.

6. Superior printing and graphic capabilities: Kraft boxes have better printing capabilities — litho, digital, flexo and more — than other types of packaging. Why add printing to your kraft packaging? Because custom printed kraft boxes can showcase your company’s logo or other marketing messages to gain visibility and build brand awareness.

7. Biodegradable: Brown kraft paper boxes are one of the most eco-friendly packaging varieties on the market today. Kraft paper is made by pulverizing and blending wood pulp into large rolls of brown filament. The minimal chemical processing typical of kraft packaging means they’re 100% biodegradable.

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