Custom Candle Shipping Boxes

Green patterned box for candles or other items

Why Use Custom Boxes for Candles?

As an online retailer, you want a box that you can trust to keep your candles safe. Bolt Boxes offers custom packaging designed to handle the weight of different-sized candles and protect them during transit. Our boxes come in a variety of materials and thicknesses and will help protect your products from heat, moisture and breakage.

Custom boxes for candles are an effective way to showcase your business’s creativity and set you apart from the competition. Whether you want to print your company logo alongside unique color combinations or present a sleek, all-black design to your customers, Bolt Boxes is here to help.


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Green patterned box for candles or other items

Win Your Customers by Custom-Printing Candle Boxes

When you want to garner attention for your brand and set yourself apart, you need to go beyond manufacturing beautiful candles. That’s where custom packaging comes in — it can enhance your customers’ unboxing experiences and build brand awareness. 

Custom boxes for candles can elevate your brand by:

  • Making your customers’ unboxing experience a social media-worthy event. As unboxing videos have gained popularity on various social media channels such as YouTube and Instagram, companies are scrambling to make their packaging worthy of the excitement. There are so many different ways to leverage the power of a custom mailer box to create a positive image.
  • Offering a premium advertising channel. With the abundance of branding efforts meant to get a customer’s attention, making a deep impression right off the bat has never been more critical. Delivering custom boxes for candles allows you to create the first impression your customers will have of your brand. Take advantage of this opportunity to bring your customer base an experience that’s exciting, unique, memorable and in line with your brand’s values.
  • Protecting your customers’ orders. Designing custom candle packaging allows you to create a box that perfectly accommodates your product. Your customers will appreciate a well-designed box that arrives safely, making them more inclined to recommend your products to others. 
custom sized boxes with inserts

How to Design Custom Candle Boxes With Bolt Boxes 

As the fastest custom box manufacturer in the world, Bolt Boxes does everything in-house, including printing, design, manufacturing and delivery. Choose from digital, lithographic or flexographic printing to bring your company logo to life on any custom-made package.

Create your custom candle package using Bolt Boxes’s online configurator in five easy steps:

  1. Decide what type of box you need to best support your candles. 
  2. Enter interior box dimensions based on the length, width and depth measurements of your product.
  3. Choose the number of custom candle boxes you need. Bolt Boxes has no minimum order requirement!
  4. Use our handy “Help Me Choose” feature to select the ideal box material for your product.
  5. Determine if you will add printing to your custom box. 

Order Custom Boxes for Candles Today

Are you ready to build your custom box for candles? Contact our design team for assistance or plug your specifications into our online configurator today