Custom Printed Mailer Boxes

Custom-Printed Mailer Boxes (C-Series)

Often called mailer boxes or auto-locking boxes, the C-series style is similar to a pizza box. These foldable boxes have a durable design and a self-locking function that customers can reuse or repurpose. C-series boxes open with a pull and lift motion that fully exposes the contents.

With the right mailer boxes, you can tailor an unboxing experience and strengthen your brand’s image. Custom mailers are popular for e-commerce sellers, apparel brands, and subscription box companies. These boxes offer an opportunity for brand or product promotion, and they are easy to assemble.


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Utilize Custom Mailer Boxes for Your Business

Custom packaging can reflect a brand’s identity and core values in a way that can strengthen a customer’s connection to your brand. By using custom shipping boxes, you can impress customers with impactful unboxing experiences. Investing in that first impression of your products can boost customer loyalty and increase your number of repeat orders. Quality packaging lets customers know what to expect from your brand, and custom boxes can add a sense of value.

By choosing custom boxes, your packaging can complement your products. When boxes are designed specifically for the items they hold, they can provide an extra layer of protection during shipping. Mailer boxes can be printed on the exterior, interior, or both to create an unboxing experience your customers will remember. Custom packaging can help your brand stand out from competitors and nurture loyalty in your customers.

Depending on how these are printed and manufactured, a one-time cutting die may need to be purchased. One-time cutting dies work like cookie cutters to shape the dimensions of personalized mailer boxes. They can be used for all repeat orders, so you won’t need to purchase another cutting die unless you need boxes with new dimensions.

custom sized boxes with inserts

Create Premium Mailer Boxes With Bolt Boxes

At Bolt Boxes, we offer a variety of premium mailer boxes, including:

  • C-series mailers: Our C-series custom-printed boxes are the ideal choice for high-volume orders. C-series mailers are self-locking and easy to fold if you know how.
  • Loading boxes: End-loading style mailer boxes have top and bottom flaps that overlap entirely. This design makes them the perfect choice for mailing heavy or fragile items.
  • RSC shipping boxes: RSCs are standard, popular shipping style custom-printed boxes. They’re an economical option for shipping boxes of various sizes and weights.

Choose our C-series mailer boxes, RSC standard shipping boxes or end-loading custom boxes, and customize your boxes with our flexible options. Personalize your shipping box with logos or customize your package in other ways, such as selecting a specific size. With our flexible options, you can create custom mailers that relay your brand’s identity and uphold your high quality standards.

Personalize your mailer box to meet your specifications by choosing from the following:

  • Box type: C-series, RSC or end-loading custom boxes are all flexible options.
  • Dimensions: Choose the size that works best for your operation. Measure your products and consider packing material needs to ensure everything fits perfectly inside your mailer boxes.
  • Quantity: Bolt Boxes have no minimum order requirement. You can purchase in volumes that suit your company’s needs.
  • Material: Consider factors like box weight, size and durability, and use our “Help Me Choose” feature to determine the best material for you.
  • Print type: Select the type of printing you’d like on the inside or outside of your box. We offer digitallitho and flexo custom printing.

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Why Choose Bolt Boxes?

Bolt Boxes stands out from other box manufacturers because of our industry-leading turnaround times. We do everything in-house, from designing and manufacturing to printing and delivery. This approach allows us to produce faster lead times on all custom-printed mailer boxes. We have been helping customers build brand awareness with custom mailer boxes for almost 60 years.

Other benefits of choosing Bolt Boxes as your custom mailer box supplier include:

  • We offer dependable, real-time support from initial inquiry through final product shipping. Our knowledgeable staff delivers a customer service experience that’s unmatched in the industry.
  • We’re G7 Master Certified and members of the Fiber Box Association. Let our one-person pre-press team show you superior print quality and consistency on all your packaging.
  • Our products exclusively contain 100% recyclable green materials. We can help you strengthen a green brand image with sustainable personalized mailer boxes.
  • We offer a wide range of custom box printing methods and have the resources to meet your needs every time. Our printing capabilities include flexographic, lithographic and digital custom box printing.
  • We have ISO certification — ISO 9001:2015. You can trust us to deliver quality custom boxes consistently.

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We use specialized equipment and expertise to produce mailer boxes that can perfectly encase your products. Beyond a close fit, our boxes come with a range of printing options to help you build your brand’s image through high-quality designs.

Whether you need standard quantities or large volumes, Bolt Boxes can ensure efficient production. Get mailer boxes custom-made to fit your brand and products.

Are you ready to stand out from the competition with custom-printed mailers? Contact Bolt Boxes to learn more, or if you’re ready to get started, create custom-printed mailer boxes with our online configurator today.