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E-commerce sellers, retailers and manufacturing companies require various types of packaging to get items from point A to point B. The appearance of packaging plays a pivotal role in how consumers handle and view a product, and the way you choose to market a product and ship orders for display might be the difference between someone purchasing your merchandise over the competition. But what exactly is the purpose of each packaging layer?

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What is Secondary Packaging?

Secondary packaging is the first thing your customer sees when picking up your products and browsing retail shelves. By definition, secondary packaging is any type of outer material that protects food, drink and consumer goods throughout transit. Secondary packaging tells your audience more about your product and surrounds primary packaging to ensure products stay in pristine condition.

Anytime a customer drops, mishandles or carries goods from one place to another, secondary packaging is there to protect the item from damage. For example, a bag of cereal at the grocery store comes in a cardboard box that contains company logos, nutritional facts and pricing information. The outer cardboard box also plays a crucial role in advertising as well as shielding the breakfast food from potential damage.

Common Secondary Packaging Materials

Secondary packaging takes on several forms depending on a company’s packaging needs. A company’s product will dictate what packaging method makes sense for an item to go through shipping, receiving and unloading procedures. Some of the most common types of secondary packaging include:

  • Shipping cartons
  • Shrink wraps
  • Outer films
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Trays
  • Paperboard enclosures

All secondary packaging materials act as a bumper. Ideally, these protective layers are the only thing making contact with primary packaging.

Why is Secondary Packaging Important?

The importance of secondary packaging ties into the customer experience. Consumers have to engage with outer secondary packaging materials to get to the primary packaging and merchandise beneath it. Whether your company uses branding phrases, signature color schemes or custom text, all of these characteristics can and should make their way onto your secondary packaging materials.

Creating an original product that stands out from the rest calls for attention to detail. Secondary packaging enables you to intrigue a customer who may not have selected your brand initially. You can think of secondary packaging designs as a platform to express what your merchandise will do for the buyer and how.

The Perfect Barrier

Getting shipments to a final destination requires careful planning. Everyone handling your inventory will encounter your secondary packaging materials at some point between manufacturing stages and placing the merchandise on retail shelves. Secondary packaging sits between the following layers.

Primary Packaging

Primary packaging makes direct contact with what you are selling. This might be a can for sodas and other beverages, for example. Secondary packaging is placed along the outside of primary packaging materials for further protection.

Tertiary Packaging

Loading crews and dock workers rely on tertiary packaging when relocating large fulfillment orders from one place to another. Customers do not see tertiary packaging, but forms include wooden pallets and thick stretch wraps. Tertiary materials surround secondary packaging to help ensure everything arrives to the customer intact.

Benefits of Custom Secondary Packaging

Companies spend years perfecting consumer goods. You can build a strong relationship with your target audience by using custom secondary packaging materials to build brand recognition. Catering to your investments with boxes that are the correct shape and size allows you to cut costs, reduce waste and follow regulations of your industry.

Custom secondary packaging solutions protect your products, and with creative visuals and graphics, it can boost your brand’s visibility as well. From crowded retail stores to grocery aisles, going with an eye-catching secondary packaging box is more likely to capture the attention of potential customers.

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