White Shipping Boxes

white shipping boxes

White Shipping Boxes

Any business can attest to how important shipping boxes are. They can influence the quality of what you’re shipping and make a lasting impression for your business if they have a unique design. White corrugated boxes are one common type because they have simple yet thick walls and are durable enough to protect the content inside.

White boxes for packaging and shipping can provide a multitude of customization options and benefits for your shipping cause. Below, we will highlight some of the main benefits white mailing boxes can offer your business and how they can influence the end user.

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white shipping boxes

Four Benefits of White Shipping Boxes

There are several benefits to using a white shipping box as opposed to the standard kraft box. If you are considering white shipping boxes, the sections below will reassure your decision and show how you can gain a competitive edge over your competition.

High Color Contrast: White mailer boxes provide the perfect canvas for color contrast and make designs pop. When printing designs on a kraft box, colors appear darker, and you will not achieve the color clarity and vibrance as you can on a white shipping box. Dark colors such as black or navy blue will print well on kraft boxes, but lighter colors will be hard to see or won’t have much contrast. White shipping boxes do not limit you and provide clarity and contrast in almost all colors.

Colored boxes are white boxes that have been printed with color. One unique feature and use of these boxes is using reverse printing to utilize even more of the white canvas and contrast. This printing method makes the box a specific color but leaves the box’s text white for immense amounts of contrast

High-End Feel: With the sharp colors and sleek appearance, white shipping boxes can portray a very high-quality feel. With white cardboard boxes, you can add color graphics to provide a more enjoyable unboxing experience that simultaneously displays your company’s branding.

Adding this extra design and color provides a distinct advantage over the typical kraft box since it leaves the recipient with a feeling of luxury and additional value.

Another way to provide an even more quality experience is with reverse printing. This can help a logo stand out and give off an even more luxurious appeal. The customization of white shipping boxes can truly influence the feel of quality and aid in making the box and products feel more high-end.

Psychology of the Color White: Depending upon the industry your business is in, and the products you provide, using white boxes can play a crucial role in how customers or recipients perceive their shipment. Many people associate the color white with cleanliness and safety.

With that in mind, there are several industries where those characteristics are driving factors for success, including the food, medical and health industries. For example, shipping packaged food goods in an all-white box assures the recipient that the box has been treated with care and safe practices throughout shipping and portrays a sterile, trustworthy appearance.

Brown boxes can have both positive and negative associations, depending on your industry and the product you’re packaging or shipping. In some cases the color brown can portray feelings of strength, reliability and eco-friendliness, but it can also portray feelings of isolation or even boredom.

Selecting the correct color box based upon your industry can play a crucial role in portraying your company and brand. With all of the color customization options that white shipping boxes offer, you will be able to add more colors than you would be able to with brown boxes.

Statistics of Color: Your shipping and packaging boxes leave a lasting impression on the end consumer, just like the aesthetics of a store leaves a lasting impression on the customers who enter it.

Leaving this lasting impression can also be the factor that brings you brand recognition. Color can improve your brand’s recognition by as much as 80%, and the right color scheme will tell your company’s story and help the consumer connect and recognize themselves in your product.

Being able to customize the colors of your box can play a crucial role in customer retention and the psychological appeal you have on customers. As mentioned in the sections above, white shipping boxes allow you to create clear visuals and contrasts between colors. With kraft boxes, you lose the ability to create a sharp contrast between colors and are limited in the designs you can make.

Bolt Boxes can help your business excel

How Bolt Boxes Can Help Your Business Excel

  • At Bolt Boxes, we take pride in assisting our clients with shipping box solutions that create customer appeal and quality services. Let us walk you through what makes us unique.
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  • If you are interested in making the switch to white shipping boxes or have any other shipping box needs, contact us or begin creating your custom shipping boxes.

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