Lithographic Printed Boxes

Lithographic Printing on Cardboard Boxes

Lithographic printing, or litho printing, is a well-known process for creating premium magazine-quality print on cardboard boxes. We commonly use litho printing on product boxes in high-traffic areas due to the quality results and fast turnaround times it provides.


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What is Lithographic Printing?

During litho printing, we place the image you want to generate on a plate that we cover in ink and use for printing. We then position the material receiving the image against the plate to absorb the inks.

Litho printing is incredibly versatile in that it can be produced on a wide range of mediums, such as paper, rough paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, leather and metal. Many businesses opt for lithographic printing when they need bulk orders because it’s quicker to produce high quantities of repeat items with this process. Litho printing is ideal for:

  • Catalogs
  • Handbooks
  • Promotional posters
  • Magazines
  • High-quality brochures
  • Prospectuses
  • Anything that requires vibrant printing in large numbers

Why Choose Litho Printing?

In addition to producing top-quality images, litho printing offers benefits such as:

Cost-effective: The unit costs of lithographic printing jobs go down as the quantity goes up.

Excellent for high-quantity jobs: Lithographic printing produces superior quality in high-volume jobs.

Speed: Many lithographic presses print simultaneously on both sides of the paper, thereby increasing turnaround times. Some web press lithographic machines can print as many as 50,000 sheets every hour.

Lack of impressions: Impressions refer to indented text and lines on the page, rings of ink or serrated edges. Impressions can distract readers from content and even impact storage and transportation costs.

Litho printing is completely impression-free, which makes for smooth, unhindered graphics.

Clarity: In lithography, the blanket features ultra-soft rubber, unlike other printing systems that use rigid metal printing plates. This rubber conforms to a wide range of materials for sharp, clear images on everything from cloth and newspapers to greeting cards and mailing boxes.

Examples of Litho-Printed Boxes

At Bolt Boxes, we offer lithographic printing options along with digital and flexo printing. For a clearer picture of what lithographic printing looks like on custom mailing boxes, check out examples of our work, including:

  • RSC shipping boxes with premium litho printing
  • C-series mailer boxes with premium litho print


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Bolt Boxes is proud to be the fastest manufacturer of cardboard boxes in the industry. For almost 60 years, businesses have depended on us to create high-end, litho-printed cardboard shipping boxes and other custom shipping packages to elevate their brand. Because we do everything under one roof — designing, printing, engineering and production — our team can meet and exceed your needs every time. When you choose us as your litho laminated packaging supplier, you’ll enjoy many personalization options. At Bolt Boxes, we can help you customize your cardboard boxes in many ways, from style and size to color and print design. Choose from a variety of shipping boxes for lithographic printing, including standard mailing, C-series or end-loading boxes. Ready to get started? Use our online configurator to custom design your litho-printed cardboard box today.

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Bolt Boxes specializes in litho, flexo and digital printing designs and can personalize your shipping boxes to reflect your brand.