Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which box style should I select?

This depends on many factors, including the size of your products and how you want to pack them out. We offer the two most common types of box on our website box builder, the Regular Slotted Container (RSC) and the C-Series Mailer Box. The RSC is a standard shipping box, where the flaps meet in the middle and then are taped closed. The Mailer box doesn’t require taping, as it auto-locks closed.
If you need help selecting a box style, or need a style that is not on the website, please contact us.

What is the “flute” in corrugated material?

Corrugated flutes are the wavy or “Z” shaped folds that make up the inside of the of the corrugated boards. The flute is what reinforces the walls of the box giving it rigidity and crushing/stacking strength. Flutes come in different sizes depending on what the corrugated board is used for.

How do I know if I need an E-Flute or B-Flute box?

E-Flute boxes are 1/16” thick and the B-Flute boxes are thicker at 1/8″. For smaller boxes, the E-Flute may fold and perform better. Also, E-Flute boxes may look and feel more higher end. However, E-Flutes can be too flimsy for bigger box builds. In this case, B-Flutes are the better option if you are looking for bigger, sturdier boxes. If you’re not sure which flute you need, you can always contact us and talk to our design team.

What is the difference between flexographic and digital printing?

The difference between flexographic and digital printing is that flexographic printing requires printing plates and digital requires no plates. For flexographic printing, the printing plates are usually thin sheets of aluminum that are engraved with the artwork or design. During the printing process, ink is applied to the plate and then pressed on to the corrugated board. Printing plates need to be created every time there is new designs or artwork.

With digital web press printing, there are no printing plates need. The ink is applied to the corrugate directly using an inkjet printer (think of it like home inkjet printer on steroids). Digital printing is a great option if you’re looking for high quality print on short-run boxes (500 or less) and a quick turnaround time.

Is there a tooling cost?

Yes, there is a one-time tooling fee for the C-Series mailer boxes if you choose the flexographic or lithographic printing. There are no tooling cost if you choose digital printing.

Are your custom boxes eco-friendly and recyclable?

Yes! We stand apart from competitors by manufacturing with 100% recyclable kraft boxes made from 60-95% post-consumer waste. We also offer corrugated boxes made from 30-70% post-consumer waste. Bolt Boxes is SFI® Certified, meaning your custom cardboard boxes are made from ethically and ecologically grown trees.

Is there a minimum order quantity? Is there a price break if I order more?

There is no minimum order quantity. And yes! At higher order quantities, the per-box cost will be lower.

Do you offer prototyping or a sample?

Yes! We offer structural prototypes of the box. To get a prototype, you can either send us the dimensions of the box you want or you can send us a sample of your product and we can build a prototype to fit.

How do I provide artwork for my box?

You can upload the file during the checkout process or you can send us the artwork after you’re done checking out. Once submitted, our design team will review the artwork you provided and will send you the dieline or communicate any changes/suggestions to make sure your boxes come out looking great.

Do the boxes ship flat or come assembled?

Your boxes will ship and arrive to you flat. RSC style boxes will need to be taped, while the C-Series mailers do not require tape (but it can be used to secure the front flap).

Can I use my own shipping/freight company or 3rd party account number for shipping my boxes?

Yes! Just contact us and we will help you walk through that process.

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