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Cardboard Boxes Made Custom

Today, it’s not just what’s inside the package that counts — the entire process from unboxing to using your product influences the customer experience. When you’re able to print your company’s logo or include a relevant design on your cardboard packaging, your customers get a better impression of your brand. Plus, you help enhance the unboxing experience and promote your product.

Enter custom printed cardboard boxes. With options to tailor your custom packaging to your audience and promote your brand, you’ll never choose a plain corrugated box or other materials again. Whether you want to add a logo, printed pattern or specific colors to your custom cardboard box, Bolt Boxes has you covered.

As the fastest custom box manufacturer in the world, we take care of all stages of the manufacturing process under one roof. Since our design, printing, manufacturing and delivery team is 100% in-house, we can offer fast lead times that are unparalleled in the industry.

Benefits of Choosing a Custom Cardboard Box

With a custom printed cardboard box for your products, you can customize your packaging to fit your brand. Other benefits of choosing a custom box over a corrugated box or other materials include:

How to Customize Printed Cardboard Boxes

To personalize your shipping box, make sure to add your company logo, color scheme or a printed pattern. Follow these steps to ensure your box request returns as a custom printed, beautifully personalized product:

  1. Choose your box type
  2. Enter box dimensions
  3. Choose your quantity and material
  4. Decide if you want to add your logo, tagline or other unique information
  5. Determine what kind of custom printing you need

Why Choose Bolt Boxes?

Why is Bolt Boxes your go-to choice for custom printed cardboard boxes? Enjoy these benefits and more:

  • Various printing capabilities: We offer digital, litho and flexo printing options for any custom cardboard boxes — all under one roof!
  • Several custom box options to choose from: Whether you need regular slotted cartons, or RSCs, Mailer Box or C-series packages or end-loading boxes, Bolt Boxes has got you covered.
  • Superior customer service: Our service level has been rated 4.6/5 stars on Trustpilot.
  • Fast delivery: Bolt Boxes has an over 99% on-time product delivery percentage.
  • Pre-press expertise: Our in-house G7 Master Certified team takes color control to the highest level for your printed boxes
  • Strict quality control: ISO 9001:2015 Certified to maintain the highest level of box quality possible
  • Sustainable, green materials: With 100% recyclable kraft boxes made from 60-95% post-consumer waste, Bolt Boxes strives to create products that help you and the environment.
  • Multiple custom box printing options: We have the resources to meet your needs and will never push you to accept something you don’t need or want.

Order Your Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes Online

Are you ready to cross the finish line with custom packaging? Reach out to Bolt Boxes today and learn more about how we can help execute your custom printed cardboard packaging. If you’re ready to get started, create customized shipping boxes with our online configurator.