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Creating Custom Colored Boxes

As a company, the most important thing on your mind is likely how your products are performing in the market. You want to know how your sales are and whether or not your customers are satisfied with your products. One of the most effective ways to increase customer satisfaction is to focus on your sales and marketing tactics.

One thing is for sure: People are drawn to the way your product looks. Because of this, product packaging plays a central role in appealing to customers, drawing them in and ultimately getting them to come back for more.

Enter custom colored packaging boxes. Custom colored boxes have revolutionized the entire market and largely determine the buying attitudes of the customer. At Bolt Boxes, we can help you design e-commerce mailing boxes, subscription packages and other cardboard shipping boxes to market your brand. Including a logo, color scheme or message on your colored packaging box will make all the difference when it comes to increasing customer satisfaction, boosting sales and strengthening your brand.

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How Custom Color Boxes Play a Leading Role in Sales

Many companies in a wide range of industries use custom color boxes to boost sales. Check out the following brands for inspiration and ideas about how to use colored packaging boxes to your benefit:

Why Choose Bolt Boxes as Your Custom Box Supplier?

As the fastest box manufacturer in the world, Bolt Boxes is committed to helping you elevate your brand. When you choose us as your custom colored box supplier, you’ll be able to personalize your package in many ways, from size and material to color and print design.

With our online configurator, you can personalize your colored shipping box by:

  • Deciding what box you need: Choose from RSC standard mailing boxes, C-series packages and custom end-loading boxes.
  • Entering box dimensions: Enter your boxes’ length, width and depth in inches — you can be exact!
  • Choosing a quantity and material: Bolt Boxes has no minimum order requirement, and our “Help Me Choose” feature will walk you through each type of material you can choose from.
  • Add color: At Bolt Boxes, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of printing capabilities, including litho, flexo and digital options.

Let Bolt Boxes wow you with our pre-press expertise and industry-leading turnaround times. Along with being G7 Master Certified and members of the Fiber Box Association, we use 100% recyclable materials and have the resources to meet your needs every time. We offer reliable, real-time support from initial inquiry to final custom colored box shipping.

Design a Colored Cardboard Shipping Box Today

Custom colored shipping boxes play a major role in influencing the sales of products. For ideas on how to color your custom box, check out our work. If you’re ready to get started creating your colored packaging boxes, use our online configurator or reach out to our friendly team for more information.