Where to Buy Subscription Boxes

You can buy monthly subscription boxes from many different sources. Anywhere from Amazon to Office Depot offers them. But if you’re in the market to, well, market a subscription box brand, you really need to look at the bigger picture. 

Not only are subscription-based business models all the rage right now, but they’re also the perfect combination of splurge and savvy. Often a great deal on products, but not always necessities, the subscription box model has exploded in the last decade. What was once jelly-of-the-month-club fodder is now a viable, sought-after niche market in many industries. And everything from non toxic cleaning supplies to organic meal-in-box brands have jumped on this trend to be a part of the fun, creative, exclusive subscription box movement.

If you’re planning to launch a new subscription box brand, or even just thinking about expanding your current brand to include a subscription box offering, there are a few things to consider before you dive in head first. Because not doing your research can cost you, both in time and in money. Read on to learn the top 5 things you need to think about before you decide where to buy monthly subscription boxes.  

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Custom Subscription Boxes

  1. Does the manufacturer or company you’re looking at have printing capability?
    Take your subscription box brand from boring to branded with custom printing that will really set you apart from your competition. A major reason why subscription box brands do well is the simple fact that they put a TON of energy and effort into their branding and marketing. Industry research, surveys and studies have proven time and again: companies who pay attention to branding and subscription packaging see a direct result in sales. Keep in mind, subscription boxes are intended to be repeat offers. You’re selling your brand, not just your product. Make it distinguishable. Make them love it
  2. Is there a minimum order number?
    Many box companies have a minimum order requirement. This may be fine for you and your brand, and you may have more than enough space to house 500 or 1000 boxes, but for many subscription-based brands, space is of the essence. Before taking the time to design and go through the ordering process, research minimum order requirements. Bolt Boxes never requires a minimum order. Of course, the more you order, the better the price is, but having that flexibility is great!
  3. What is typical turn around on an order?
    Finding out turn around will help ensure you’re not stuck if you have orders to fulfill and no boxes on hand. You know that saying about first impressions…subscription box services cannot afford to give an impression that they’re late to deliver.
  4. What is the weight rating? 
    Weight is important for two reasons. First, it’s important to know how much your boxes will cost to ship to customers once they’re filled. Second, and probably most importantly, you need to make sure your box can stand up to the weight you’ll be shipping. NOTHING would be worse than damaged product making its way to your once-excited customers! Not to mention, you don’t want to be stuck with hundreds of custom-printed boxes that don’t work for you!
  5. Do they offer sample boxes?
    Not all companies offer sample boxes. Durability and quality are important to subscription box brands. Remember, you’re selling your brand, not just your product. That comes down to yes, even your box. Order a sample and make sure it’s the quality you’re expecting. You should also do a dry run to see how easily the box goes together. If you’re shipping hundreds (or better yet, thousands) of boxes a month, saving 5 seconds per box on assembly could add up to an enormous amount of time at the end of the year! Do you want to spend that time folding boxes or, we don’t know…going on vacation?

Why Is Custom Subscription Box Packaging Important?

Once you’ve decided to buy custom subscription boxes, you need to understand how this investment will benefit your business. Custom subscription packaging helps your brand make a positive first impression. When consumers feel that the subscription box design is personalized just for them, they’re more likely to pay close attention to your brand and remember how unwrapping your packaging makes them feel.

The appeal of custom-printed subscription boxes is the unique retail experience they offer. Because surprise and charm are the main drivers of the market, many businesses today must get customers to stop and notice their brand, including their subscription boxes.

The Benefits of Custom-Printed Subscription Boxes 

There are several advantages of opting for custom-printed subscription boxes over plain mailer boxes. When you choose to customize your company’s subscription box packaging, you’re claiming complete authority over your box’s size, shape, color and design. A custom subscription box allows you to flaunt your company’s unique logo, motto or personalized message on the outside of the packaging

Other benefits of custom subscription box packaging include:

  • Enhances visual appeal: Custom-printed subscription boxes and personalized box designs boost your product’s appeal. Creating excitement around your company’s packaging makes for some alluring online content for your brand. Social media continues to be one of the most significant channels for promoting subscription boxes, so when your custom subscription box designs are Instagram-worthy, you know you’re on the right track. 
  • Helps build brand recall: Because there are many types of subscription box packaging available, your designs must stand out. A custom option ensures that your packaging accurately and uniquely reflects your brand.
  • Creates a more enjoyable experience for customers: What compels consumers to order a custom printed subscription box rather than merely purchasing products in-store? The excitement of receiving a personalized box and exploring what’s inside. Custom-printed subscription boxes create the ultimate unboxing experience — a thrill that customers want to repeat.

Why Choose Bolt Boxes?

As the fastest box manufacturer in the world, Bolt Boxes continually strives to help you elevate your brand. 

By using our easy-to-navigate online configurator, you can custom design your company’s subscription box packaging in a few easy steps:

  • Decide on the type of box you need: We offer a wide range of box styles, including C-series, RSC standard mailing boxes or custom end-loading boxes. 
  • Enter the box dimensions: Enter your box’s exact length, width and depth dimensions into our online configurator. 
  • Choose a quantity and material: We have no minimum order requirement, so you can get the personalized subscription boxes you need — all in record time.
  • Add color: At Bolt Boxes, we offer a variety of printing options, including litho, digital and flexo printing. 

Bolt Boxes is a member of the Fiber Box Association and is G7 Master Certified, meaning we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs.

Ready to get your subscription box business going? Use our online configurator to create your subscription boxes.