Design Custom Boxes Online with Bolt Boxes in 5 Easy Steps

When you’re designing the packaging for your products, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Color, style, graphics, protection, cost and much more come into play. Not to mention, a custom printed box can go a long way to further your brand image in terms of quality. So in a way, the pressure really is on. And we get it.

We also understand that all of this may sound a bit overwhelming – but we promise, Bolt Boxes takes the work out of package design. Our easy-to-use online ordering system is the perfect way to go from unhinged to boxed and ready to sell. So read on to learn more about how simple it is to design custom boxes online with Bolt Boxes today. In five simple steps, you’ll be on your way to using packaging that really sells.

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5 Steps to Designing Custom Boxes Online

STEP 1: Decide what type of box you need.

We offer two convenient box types to ensure you’re getting the perfect box design for your product or products. Simply click on the box style that will best suit your product and move on to step 2.

The Standard Shipping Box: Regular slotted cartons (RSC) are your standard, common, popular shipping style box. Each side of the box has two outer flaps that meet together in the center when folded. They are closed with tape and are a great option for heavier, large products or when you need added protection.

The Mailer Box (C-Series) Box: C-series boxes are the golden box for subscription services and mail-order brands. The attached, folding lid that opens from the top is self-locking and as an added bonus, C-series boxes don’t require tape to close, making them easy to use and pack, and a winning choice for high-volume, branded, high-end companies across the globe. 

After you determine the type of box you’d like to use for your products, the next step is identifying your target market. Who will buy your products? What are the demographics of your target buyers? Questions to ask when narrowing down your proposed customers and creating box packaging design ideas include:

  • Are my products geared toward environmentally conscious individuals?
  • Are my products for children or adults?
  • Are my products designed for men, women or both?
  • Are my products geared toward those with lots of disposable income or individuals on a tight budget?

Our team of experienced designers at Bolt Boxes is happy to help you appeal to your target demographic. With our online configurator, you can design your own box online in five easy steps

So, how do you design your boxes’ packaging? With several printing capabilities under one roof, Bolt Boxes can help you customize your packaging box design to target your customers. For example, if you are appealing to an older demographic, we can help you add larger images and messaging to your custom box. If, on the other hand, your audience is expecting luxury, we can help you curate a box structure and design that stand out.

STEP 2: Enter box dimensions.

Using inches, enter the box length, width and depth. Our system easily accounts for mid-ranges in between whole inches, so you can be exact!

When determining the perfect box size for your products, it’s essential to denote different sections of a corrugated mailer box. The length dimension of your box refers to the front and back panels, or the sections your customer sees first. The width dimension of your box relates to the panels running from front to back. Finally, the depth dimension denotes the “height” of your custom mailer box. 

Follow these tips when you want to determine the right-sized packaging box:

  • First, measure the length, width and depth of the product going in the box. 
  • When measuring your products, add 1/16-inch to your products’ measurements for the best-fit corrugated box from Bolt Boxes.
  • If you measure a product that has a cylinder shape, ensure the cap is screwed securely on the top before measuring. You should also measure the diameter of the widest part of your container first before determining its height. 

STEP 3: Choose the quantity you need. 

Bolt Boxes has NO MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENT. You heard that right…order the number you need, whether that’s 1 or 1000. Of course, the more you order, the better the per-box cost is. But we think it’s a nice feature (and somewhat unparalleled in the industry) to only need to order the number of boxes you actually need. And that’s something we pride ourselves on – giving our customers what they need, not what makes more sense on our end.

Design your own boxes with your logo

STEP 4: Decide on material.

If you’re not familiar with the materials available for your box, our handy “Help Me Choose” feature will walk you through each type of material you can choose from, describing which is best for different product-specifications. Weight, size and durability should all be factors to consider when choosing the material for your box.

When you choose from the dropdown menu under the tab “Help Me Choose,” you’ll see a variety of options under two types of corrugated board: 

  1. C-Series: Our C-Series box category consists of 200E, 200B and 275C packaging materials. 200E materials can be used on smaller boxes in which the depth is less than 4 inches, and the weight of the product is under 20 pounds. 200B materials suit package depths less than 6 inches and product weights not exceeding 40 pounds. Use 275C box materials when the depth of the box is greater than 4 inches but less than 8 inches. The weight should not exceed 60 pounds. 
  2. Regular slotted container (RSC): Use 200B materials on RSCs with a combined length, width and depth that does not exceed 75 inches and a box weight that does not exceed 40 pounds. 275C materials can be used on RSCs with a combined length, width and depth not exceeding 90 inches and a box weight of 60 pounds or less. 350DW materials are best suited for RSCs with a combined length, width and diameter not over 100 inches and a box weight not exceeding 100 pounds. 

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STEP 5: Determine if you’ll add printing to your box.

Sometimes a simple, plain box will do the job, but most often, the printing is the whole point of ordering custom boxes. Branding your product by adding your logo, tagline, product info and more on the box is a key factor (and great way) to establish your brand as a noteworthy company.


YES, YOU DO NEED PRINTING? There are a few things to consider:

  • Will you print on the outside only? Inside only? Both inside and out?
  • What type of printing do you need? Choose from:
    • Digital printing – printing applied right to the box, no need for print plates or dies, great option for small orders
    • Flexo printing – up to 3-color printing, color applied directly to the box
    • Litho printing – highest-end print option, magazine quality, up to 6 colors, sheet is laminated on the box, best for larger orders of 300 boxes or more
  • You will receive an electronic proof after you submit your order.

Custom Design Your Own Box Online With Bolt Boxes

And that’s it! You’re done! Just add your order to your cart and we take care of the rest. Have any more questions? Reach out to Bolt Boxes today or chat with us online. We are here to help you create the best box on the market – and are ready to help you every step of the way.