8 E-Commerce Packaging Insert Ideas to Build Brand Loyalty

Packaging inserts are free items included in customers’ e-commerce packages. They enhance the shopping experience and build a stronger connection with your brand. These inserts are a super simple way to stand out and can come in various forms.

Using package insert advertising to your advantage can create a positive experience. This could foster brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. Among our eight e-commerce packaging insert ideas to build brand loyalty, we’re sure you’ll find one that will work for your business. 

Why Are Packaging Inserts a Great Idea?

E-commerce businesses create cool product packaging as opportunities to showcase their brand. Packaging inserts can give you that extra marketing advantage with extraordinary benefits.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Most packaging inserts are affordable and can be included without adding shipping costs.
  • Customizable: Since the recipient is already a customer, you can design a personalized packaging insert tailored to them.
  • Cross-selling opportunity: When you know what a particular customer likes, a packaging insert can provide a targeted cross-selling opportunity.
  • Increased loyalty: The right packaging insert can make customers feel noticed and appreciated, who will likely return to your brand.

How Do Packaging Inserts Build Brand Loyalty?

Simple things are often the most extraordinary, especially in the e-commerce world. Packing inserts add to the unboxing experience when customers find something extra they didn’t expect. In turn, a pleasant unboxing experience can elevate customers’ perception of your business and build brand loyalty.

  • Added value: Packaging inserts benefit customers while making your business look professional. By sharing helpful information or giving extra incentives, you foster authentic relationships with your customers.
  • Marketing opportunity: Outside your online platforms, packaging inserts provide unique opportunities to share info about your business. This builds rapport with your customers and allows them to get to know your brand.
  • New markets: Some customers record themselves unboxing e-commerce boxes and share them on social media. These videos reach potential new customers when they view these pleasant unboxing experiences.
  • Showcasing sustainability: Environmentally conscious customers will appreciate recyclable packaging materials, including packaging inserts.
  • Pleasant surprise: Who doesn’t like pleasant surprises? Unexpected goodwill goes a long way to satisfy people. Even inexpensive but thoughtful gifts will delight customers.

8 Packaging Insert Ideas

Packaging inserts are a simple solution to build brand loyalty, but there’s more to it than leaving a flyer in the box. Many packaging insert options will deliver different kinds of value for your customers. Here is a list of eight ideas to get you started.

1. Discounts 

Some of the most popular packaging inserts offer a special discount code to incentivize customers to shop with a brand again. Some examples include:

  • Free shipping on the next order
  • Monetary credit toward the next order
  • A percentage off the next order
  • Free gift with the next order
  • A free upgrade on the next order

2. Samples

Many customers like discovering a sample of a related product they bought to try something new. Depending on the products you sell, a sample package insert can be a smart way to cross-sell and introduce customers to new items, especially when you have a wide range of products.

3. Free Gifts

A small gift is another great way to thank customers for buying and introducing them to other products you sell. Small, inexpensive or branded items work well for building brand loyalty. Examples include:

  • Stickers
  • Water bottle
  • Drink koozie
  • Skincare product
  • Stationery
  • Sweet treats

4. Personal Notes

Customers may find personal notes and thank you card inserts in their packages. To make it a fun experience for customers:

  • Use their name
  • Mention why you’re thankful and sending a note
  • Tell them how much you enjoyed serving them
  • Use high-quality stationery if possible
  • End with a warm and professional sign-off

5. QR Codes

QR codes are great ways for customers to use their smartphones to get more info from a brand instantly. You can use this method to direct customers to your:

  • Newsletter subscription page
  • Recommended products page
  • Reviews page
  • Link for downloading your app
  • Product videos
  • Contact information
  • Returns and refund policies
  • Customer service information
  • Social media pages

6. Product Information

Provide extra value after a customer buys from you by helping them get the most out of their products. This can look like:

  • Instructions for taking care of a product
  • A recipe or example of where to use a product
  • Links to instructional or explanatory videos
  • Tips and tricks for getting the most out of the products

7. Referral Cards

You can spread the word through word-of-mouth marketing by leaving a referral card in every package. Nearly 90% of consumers trust referrals from family and friends over other forms of advertising. Although referral cards typically offer a discount, there’s the added benefit of building a customer base, especially when you’re a new small e-commerce business.

8. Brand Information

Another packaging insert idea is to include some details about your business. Sharing brand information creates a connection between your customers and the value your business and products bring. You can include:

  • Why you started your business or created these products
  • Company background and personal details
  • The number of customers you’ve served
  • New and upcoming products or goals for your business

Companies That Can Benefit Most From Packaging Inserts

Companies across various industries can benefit from packaging inserts:

  • Beauty brands: These companies can include samples of other products or tips on skincare routines or makeup applications.
  • Social impact companies: Brands from this industry can explain their purpose with a personal note.
  • Clothing companies: Clothing and fashion brands often include fashion tips, wash instructions or surprise accessories.
  • Subscription box services: These service providers add information about the products in the box, share tips about how to use them or offer discounts on future subscriptions.
  • Food and beverage brands: Food and beverage companies can include recipe cards, pairing suggestions or samples related to specific products.

Create Custom Boxes With Bolt Boxes to Build Brand Loyalty

Packaging inserts are about providing more value and exceeding customers’ expectations. As with all marketing efforts, try different package inserts until you find one your customers appreciate. Bolt Boxes can print thank you notes, QR codes or other info on the interior or exterior of custom boxes to help build brand loyalty for your products.

Get started with your custom box design so you can have fun deciding on the best packaging insert to complement the whole package!