Considerations When Choosing a Custom Packaging Supplier 

Custom shipping boxes enhance the unboxing experience and promote your brand to existing and potential customers when they share these experiences online. It’s critical to partner with a shipping box manufacturer that creates durable and appealing boxes that will provide excellent support for your product. This guide introduces nine essential factors to consider before choosing a shipping box company, from deciding on packaging materials to partnering with a business that provides customization options. 

1. Learn More About the Company’s Experience 

Always do your research on shipping box manufacturers you want to work with. How long have they been in business? Have they created boxes similar to the type you want? Do they offer good customer service, and what do their past clients say about them? Find these answers before choosing a partner. 

You’ll also want to check that the company is full-service. You might benefit from working with a company that has decades of experience and provides a combination of manufacturing, designing, printing and delivery. 

2. Set a Packaging Budget 

Be realistic about the services you might need for your project, the types of boxes necessary and your preferred quantity. These factors will help you set a packaging budget. Other variables like the material used and structural design may also contribute to the overall cost. 

Be sure to research different companies’ prices to determine one that will meet your budgeting needs. It may also help to talk with a trusted custom packaging supplier on how they can help you optimize the cost without sacrificing quality.

3. Compare Packaging Materials Used 

Getting the ideal packaging materials for your box means choosing the highest-quality materials that support your products improve your brand reputation. 

According to one survey, 72% of people said they actively purchase more environmentally friendly products than they used to five years ago. Working with a sustainable packaging manufacturer to incorporate eco-friendly packaging could benefit your business. Choose from two excellent material options that provide suitable protection so your products reach their destination safely.

  • Single wall: This economical and lightweight package has two outer layers and an inner layer of corrugated liner. 
  • Double wall: This option offers three liners and two layers of fluting for increased durability and strength, making it excellent for heavier items. 

4. Consider the Size and Weight of the Products You Want to Ship 

Size and weight are additional variables when choosing a shipping box. You don’t want a shipping solution that is oversized, undersized or too flimsy to carry your products. Ensure you have extra space to accommodate cushioning material like bubble wrap or Styrofoam to protect fragile products like glass. 

If you need assistance, some companies allow you to send the physical product so designers can determine the safest, sturdiest option.

5. Look for Good Box Quality and Structural Engineering 

A reputable manufacturing company will take measures to test and certify their box quality. Be sure to check if they are ISO 9001:2015 and G7 certified. It may also help to ask if they have assessed their material’s strength and durability with the edge crust and burst strength tests. 

You’ll also want to ensure they don’t use unnecessary materials on your project and charge you extra. Try working with a manufacturer that does all operations in-house, since these companies may have tighter quality control and better speed. 

6. Check for Customization Options and Capabilities 

Custom packaging can give your customers a memorable unboxing experience and enhance your brand’s value. Make sure your chosen partner knows how to effectively tell your brand’s story through your personalized shipping box design. If the company offers customization, you’ll typically need to provide your company’s logo, design details and images, measurements and any existing box specs. 

7. Learn About the Company’s Shipping Time and Logistics Process 

Be sure to ask the company how long the process might take and when you can expect your delivery. This information can help you avoid any unexpected delays. You might even work with a logistics company to receive updates on their location and any delays or issues. 

If your manufacturer also offers delivery services, you can avoid the extra time and costs of finding a logistics company. Try working with a company that ships its products within seven days or less and does in-house operations, which may speed the manufacturing. 

8. Check the Company’s Range of Box Styles and Printing Capabilities 

If you sell differently shaped and sized items, having all your boxes manufactured by the same supplier it convenient. Experienced manufacturers offer a broad range of box styles because they understand all products need unique protection. 

There are many shipping box options, including slotted containers, full overlap containers, C-series, tray-and-cover, one-panel folders and half-slotted containers. The best custom packaging suppliers will also be G7 Master Facility qualified and provide exceptional printing options like these.

  • Flexographic printing: This popular and cost-effective option involves printing directly on corrugated material. 
  • Lithographic printing: This premium magazine-quality print offers high visibility for larger box quantities. 
  • Digital printing: This option is good for quality prints on smaller box quantities. 

9. Look for Pre-Production Samples 

Another beneficial consideration is a manufacturer that creates structural prototypes upon request and provides images or physical examples of printed boxes from past clients. Once approved, the supplier will schedule the job, manufacture the box and ship it to a decided-upon location. 

Choose Bolt Boxes as Your Custom Packaging Supplier 

These nine considerations are crucial to finding a shipping box company to meet your packaging needs. Bolt Boxes is a custom packaging supplier that fulfills all these requirements. Our professionals handle your entire shipping box creation process through manufacturing, design, print and delivery services. 

With over 60 years in the business, we have various printing and box style options, a 99% on-time success rate and 100% recyclable boxes made from 60% to 95% post-consumer waste. Contact us today for quality shipping boxes that will protect your products. 

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