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Knowing your packaging options is essential to ensure the safety of your packages. At Bolt Boxes, we offer a variety of materials to give you exactly what you need. Keep reading to learn about the different box materials you can choose from.

White vs. Kraft Boxes

Your first decision is whether to use White Corrugated Boxes or Kraft Corrugated Boxes. While these boxes ultimately do the same job, you should know more about these materials before making your decision.

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Single Wall vs. Double Wall

Consider what kind of protection you need to ensure that your products travel safely. We give you two options — Single Wall or Double Wall constructions.

Single Wall

The Single Wall box option consists of two outer liners with a middle layer of corrugated liner. This popular construction is a more economical option, lightweight and provides good shock absorption so your products have the protection they need during shipping.

Double Wall

The Double Wall option consists of two layers of fluting and three liners, providing the cardboard with more durability and strength. This option is better suited to heavier and higher-value items stored for longer periods. The double fluted construction creates extra cushioning that will absorb shocks your packages may experience during shipping.

Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes are uncoated with a matte texture that gives them a typical cardboard feel. These boxes are made from post-consumer waste, making them easy to recycle. This box material type is perfect for minimal designs with darker colors to make a strong statement.

White Boxes

White boxes are bleached and coated to give them a smooth, premium white finish. This finish makes these boxes look clean and fresh, providing a great option for luxury or health-related brands. White box materials are great for those who want to print complex designs that use vibrant colors.


200B Vs. 275C Vs. 350

Our shipping boxes benefit from multiple layers of corrugated liners and flutes that give them strength and durability. Different flute heights and patterns combine with liners to meet the needs of different sizes and weights, ensuring the protection of your valuables inside. These changes in flute type are specified by letters — A, B, C, E and F.

Flute variations we offer include:

  • 200B: This option provides high-quality puncture and crush resistance for shipping lighter valuables. You should use it with our C-Series Mailer Box when the depth is less than 6 inches or for Regular Slotted Containers (RSCs) with a combined length, width and depth (LWD) less than 75 inches.
  • 275C: This option makes for a good printing surface with great crush resistance. 275C works well for moderately weighted valuables with a 6-inch to 8-inch depth for our C-Series or a combined LWD under 90 inches for RSCs.
  • 350 Double Wall(DW): Our 350DW option provides extra strength and durability for valuables. Perfect for use with heavier weights when the LWD doesn’t exceed 100 inches.

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