How Social Media Is Changing the Packaging Industry

How Social Media is changing the packaging industry

How Social Media Is Changing the Packaging Industry

Social media is changing the way many businesses across a range of industries are interacting with consumers, and that includes packaging.  From making their packaging more friendly for sharing and posting on social media to using less packaging materials with environmentally sustainable products, brands are realizing the power that social media has on the way they package their products.

Packaging is also quickly becoming a new form of content as a result of social media. Brands across the globe are packaging their products with an eye on social media and the ways their products are perceived across social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Making Social Media Part of the Box Design Process

Brands are considering social media long before shipping out boxes with their products in them. Before social media became such an important aspect of marketing, companies simply chose the most affordable options for packaging their products. Now, brands are beginning to consider social media as they design their boxes.

Since everything is shared on social media, brands have to think of the box design process as an extension of their content strategy. If their packaging is easily shared on social media, then that product is more likely to gain traction as a national brand and embed itself into the psyche of consumers.

Companies are also starting to view their packaging as an extension of their online branded content. Box designers are gearing the messages across their packaging to align with their branded content online, making for a truly cohesive customer experience. You’ve likely come across countless videos online of consumers opening boxes containing products they’ve ordered and sharing these experiences with their followers. This means packaging plays an even larger role in the customer experience. Brands now have to consider every aspect of their packaging including the smallest details such as the type of filler material they use.

Brands are also taking into account the reveal process when designing their packaging. If a product takes too long to unpackage, video influencers are not likely to use that product in their social media reveals and unpackaging videos. Understanding what consumers will experience before, during and after receiving a box with your branded products inside is quickly becoming a major consideration for box designers and marketing professionals across every industry.

Shareable Messaging

Influencers with millions of followers are valuable marketing tools for companies and brands. This means brands are designing their boxes and packaging with an eye toward shareable messaging and branded content. Packaging that includes shareable messages is more likely to get valuable exposure across social media platforms, especially those platforms that are image-centric such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Brands are designing their packaging with instantly identifiable messages and images. Some brands have even started to include “selfie-friendly” designs across their packaging by incorporating reverse lettering that makes their brand identifiable if a consumer takes a selfie with the packaging. This is one way of incorporating shareable messaging into your packaging and box designs.

You can incorporate shareable messaging with your packaging by engaging consumers. For example, you can use your packaging as an opportunity to tell consumers a story about the product they’ve purchased from you. Perhaps your packaging doesn’t have enough space to tell your consumers a story about your product. Don’t let that stop you from engaging them. Use your packaging to start a story and include a QR code that brings them to a specific page on your website where they can continue learning more about your products and brand. This is a creative way to engage consumers and drive website traffic without compromising the size or cost of the packaging and boxes that contain your products.

use your brand's fonts, colors and logos

Branded Color Pallets and Fonts

Creating a fully branded customer experience starts with consistency across all forms of communication, and this includes your packaging. Your packaging should incorporate the same fonts, colors, logos and messages as your website and other marketing copy, including social media.  As your branding across your website and social media channels evolve, you’ll need to change your packaging with it. Creating a cohesive branded experience for your customers to unbox starts by maintaining consistency.

Social media has enabled consumers to instantly reach millions of other potential customers with the click of a button. You’ve likely seen posts or videos of consumers unboxing products and pointing out obvious oversights in messaging and branding as it relates to packaging. Don’t let your brand fall victim to this, and keep your online messaging consistent across your packaging.

For example, if your brand claims to be environmentally sustainable and conscientious only to package your products with lots of unnecessary filler material that’s harmful to the environment, then you’re certainly going to be called out for this oversight by someone on social media, leaving you with a PR mess and a certain drop in business. This is why you’ll want to design your packaging and boxes with a keen eye toward maintaining consistency with your company and brand’s values.

Tips for Making Custom Boxes More Shareable Online

After learning more about the ways social media is impacting the packaging industry, do you need to make your boxes more shareable online? Aside from investing thousands of dollars in gaining social media influencers, there are several ways you can make your custom boxes more shareable online.

Harness the power of social media and make your boxes more shareable by considering some of the following:

  • Understand your demographics: Knowing who is buying and unpacking your products is a great place to start when creating custom boxes to be more shareable online. You’ll want to have a solid understanding of your consumer’s demographics such as their age, location, personal beliefs and daily challenges to begin crafting messages that prompt them to share your products with others online.
  • Remember that colors set the mood: Understanding which colors evoke the types of emotions you want your customers to experience as they order, receive and eventually unbox your products is Marketing 101. Be sure that the colors you incorporate into your packaging are right for your products.
  • A call to action is not just for online content: Incorporating a call to action into your packaging is just as important as incorporating it into your online content and social posts. For example, you can include a solid call to action across your packaging by doing things such as adding a small card with a thank-you message and a prompt for sharing your product on social media using a custom-branded hashtag that allows you to track which consumers are taking the desired action. You can also include a QR code that when scanned takes consumers to a specific page on your website or social channel and prompts them to share the details of their customer journey and overall brand experience.
  • Consistency is king: Maintain consistent branded messages from your website and social media channels on your packaging. Otherwise, consumers will eventually take to social media to share the obvious oversights as opposed to sharing the wonderful experience and product they acquired from your company.

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Create Customized Shareable Boxes With Bolt Boxes

After learning more about the ways social media impacts packaging and box design, do you need to step up your messaging across your customized boxes and packaging?

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