When to Use End Loading Boxes

One of the most significant growing consumer trends in today’s marketplace is the push for sustainable purchasing and packaging experiences. According to the Sustainable Market Share Index report from NYU, the appeal of sustainably marketed products continues to increase. Many industries are seeing price premiums as high as nearly 40% compared to traditionally marketed counterparts — despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

By maximizing this trend, you are doing a good thing for the environment while encouraging brand loyalty and lifelong customers. End loading cardboard boxes are a great way to make this happen because they are strong, durable and require minimal packaging material or filler. This will give your customers the sustainable purchasing experience they want, with built-in benefits and a customizable measurement that allows you to tailor each box to your product’s unique dimensions.

What Are End Loading Boxes?

End loading cardboard boxes are one type of standard shipping option that offers better flexibility and protection for specific industries and products. Standard shipping boxes open at the top and have four upper flaps of roughly equal size that meet in the center of the box.

An end loading box — also known as a side load box — is different. While it still has four flaps, they are different sizes and positioned at the side of the box. Two of the flaps are short and fold inward to form tight corners, while the other two flaps are longer and almost completely overlap one another when the box is closed. The thickness of these side loading cardboard boxes makes them an ideal selection for shipments that require maximum protection during shipping or the ability to be stacked on a pallet safely and securely.

These boxes are adaptable, and you can use them to ship many different items, including:

  • Paintings and other artwork
  • Important documents or files
  • Attachable floor or wall panels
  • Mirrors
  • Picture frames
  • Decor pieces
  • Manufacturing supplies

Because they are made of corrugated materials that often come from other recycled boxes, cardboard side load boxes are an eco-friendly shipping solution that can protect your items and maintain your company’s reputation for sustainability and quality service. The additional strength from their thickness also results in less wasted products, which is better for the environment and your overhead costs.

When Should You Use an End Loading Box?

End loading cardboard boxes are suitable for a variety of shipment types, shapes and sizes. Be it a weighty product or just one with an irregular shape, end loading boxes can be the perfect choice in many different instances, including:

  • When shipping heavy items: With overlapping flaps at both sides, an end loading box provides superior strength that can help prevent heavy objects from breaking through the box during transit or when storing.
  • When shipping elongated items: Even if you use an extra-long custom shipping box, it can be challenging to adequately seal an extended seam with tape. But an end loading box’s short side flaps are easy to secure with glue or a couple of small tape sections.
  • When using staples to secure your box: Since the ends have a double layer of cardboard, you can seal your end loading box with industrial staples if you wish. While glue and tape will hold your box securely shut, staples can provide an extra measure of protection that is also tamper-evident. And the double construction means staples won’t puncture all the way through and damage the product inside.
  • If your shipment has a far travel distance: End loading cardboard boxes can stand up to frequent rough handling, making them a good choice when you need to ship a product long distances or if it will be transferred through multiple different shipment providers.

Find Your Box Solution at Bolt Boxes Today

End loading boxes can be an ideal solution for stability, durability and protection for the right products. If you’re looking for a box that can hold up against the stress of transport, or if you want to minimize the need for an abundance of filler and packing material, the added strength of end loaded boxes could be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

At Bolt Boxes, we can help you determine the best type of box for your company’s shipping needs, including side loading cardboard boxes. Design your own custom corrugated boxes and receive immediate pricing, or reach out to a Bolt Box representative today to ask questions or learn more about our shipping and print services.