Personalized Shipping Boxes

Every time you ship a product, the package is the first thing your customer sees. At Bolt Boxes, we see packaging supplies as an opportunity.

Whether you want to personalize your shipping box with a company logo, mascot, design or tagline, our team is committed to helping you build your brand with personalized shipping boxes.

Choose from multiple box sizes, styles and printing designs to make a lasting impression every time.

Why Choose Personalized Cardboard Boxes Over Plain Boxes?

So why are personalized packaging supplies so essential to building your brand? Here are the top four reasons we believe you should opt for personalized cardboard boxes over standard shipping boxes:

  1. Increase visibility: Personalized corrugated mailing boxes imprinted with your company’s marketing slogan or logo can help increase visibility for your brand at every step of the distribution and delivery process.
  2. Reduced delivery costs: Personalized cardboard boxes with size specifications tailored to your unique products typically require less packaging material to protect fragile contents en route to their destination. Reduction in package delivery and postage costs can add up to considerable savings over an average fiscal year. 
  3. Eco-friendly promotion: Customers are more than happy to invest in and support a brand committed to reducing its carbon footprint. If you use or promote eco-friendly products, showcase the eco-friendly symbol on your personalized packaging supplies, including your shipping and mailing boxes. Working with a packaging company that prioritizes environmentally-friendly practices can also help you earn a name for your brand. At Bolt Boxes, we use 100% recyclable kraft boxes made from 60-95% post-consumer waste. 
  4. Enhanced unboxing experience: Think about it. When you open a mailer box that looks like it was made just for you, it generates excitement around the unboxing experience. Personalized mailing boxes create a more luxurious unboxing experience for recipients, thereby making them more likely to remember your brand in the future.

Personalized Mailer Boxes From Bolt Boxes

Bolt Boxes is a shipping box company that specializes in personalized mailing boxes. As the fastest custom box manufacturer in the world, we perform all tasks in-house — including design, printing, engineering and production. The advantages of choosing us as your personalized corrugated box supplier are:

Buy Personalized Corrugated Boxes Today

When you own a company, you know how important it is to market your company’s story. Although sometimes overlooked, personalized packaging supplies play a major role in conveying your brand’s story. At Bolt Boxes, we offer an array of shipping boxes, design options and printing capabilities that allow you to personalize your package in a way that’s uniquely yours.

Create the perfect mailing box using our online configurator or reach out to a member of our team today for more information.