Heavy Duty Double Wall Boxes for Shipping

Heavy duty double wall boxes

The right form of packaging can make or break your company’s success. According to a 2020 L.E.K. study on brand owner packaging, 80% of companies and brands surveyed understand the importance of packaging, while nearly half expect to spend more on packaging in 2020.

But what constitutes “good” packaging? For some brands and consumers, it is eco-friendly packaging and minimizing as much filler materials as possible. For others, it is a durable container that can withstand heavy handling and keep the products inside safe from movement or damage. The sweet spot for most companies lies somewhere in between and may be best fulfilled with a strong, recyclable corrugated box.

While standard corrugated boxes can handle a lot of wear and tear, double wall boxes add an additional layer of cushion and make more sense for certain products. Here is what you need to know about using double wall boxes for shipping, including some tips to get the most out of your packaging.

What Is a Double Wall Box?

All corrugated cardboard boxes are made up of walls. Each wall consists of an inner and an outer layer. Double wall cardboard boxes are those with two walls separated by a linerboard, meaning there are five layers of protection surrounding the contents inside.

What’s the Difference Between Single Wall and Double Wall Boxes?

All corrugated cardboard boxes consist of a base layer of paper, an inner layer of fluted material and a top layer of paper. As the names imply, a single wall box has one corrugated cardboard layer, while a double wall box has two. This additional layer provides several benefits, including:

  • Structural integrity for stable stacking.
  • An extra measure of cushion for delicate items.
  • More substantial support for heavy or sharp objects.
  • Additional protection from moisture and some fluctuating temperatures.

When Should You Use Double Wall Boxes?

Standard single wall boxes are strong on their own and ideal for many lightweight items that don’t need to spend a long time in storage. Common items that are typically suitable for shipment in a single wall box include:

  • Apparel, excluding bulky shoes or heavy gowns
  • Lightweight paperback books or magazines
  • Plastic toys and stuffed animals
  • Paper goods and documents
  • Health and beauty products
  • Curtains, sheets, towels and other light linens

Even when shipping many of the items above, a heavier-duty box might be a better option if the items have to spend a long time in storage or transit, where they will be exposed to excessive handling and shifting temperatures and moisture levels. Double wall boxes are the best option for many items, such as:

  • Picture frames, furniture and other interior decor
  • Automotive components
  • Home fitness equipment, such as hand weights or exercise machines
  • Large power tools
  • Products that will remain in storage for weeks or months
  • Some temperature-sensitive food products, especially those in cans or jars
  • Hardcover books
  • Some electronic devices, like laptop computers

Contact Bolt Boxes to Learn More About Double Wall Boxes

Knowing what type of box to use to package or ship products is important. Your number one goal when it comes to your packaging is to ensure your products are preserved and protected, so they get into the hands of your customers intact and without damage. Choosing the right style of box allows you to do just that.

Double wall boxes provide an extra layer of protection for your items, which gives you peace of mind and keeps your items safe until they reach the consumer. Using double wall boxes for shipping also reduces the likelihood of wasteful product damage or excessive filler, keeping your operational costs and environmental impact low.

At Bolt Boxes, we are box experts and are ready to help you make the best choice for your business. Learn more about our custom corrugated boxes today!