Custom Shipping Boxes for Books

Custom boxes for books are all the rage these days, with unique packaging paving the way for beautiful and comprehensive presentations. 

At Bolt Boxes, we’ll help you package your products in boxes custom-made according to your book’s dimensions. With lithographic, flexographic and digital printing capabilities all under one roof, we can help you design custom book boxes with your logo to create brand awareness. 

custom printed box for books

Elevate Your Brand With Custom Book Boxes With a Logo

As a bookseller or retailer, you probably know there are many brands such as yours competing for the same customers. The good news is, even a small tweak to your book boxes can set your books apart from the competition. 

A logo is a graphical representation of your brand. Leverage the full power of your brand’s logo through imagery, font, color and background. An eye-catching, memorable logo can encourage a customer purchase and even create a repeat customer if they enjoy the unboxing experience.

With our online configurator, designing custom boxes for books has never been easier. Customized packaging can include adding a design or logo, or even using a shape unique to your brand. Some businesses also go as far as adding a name for their individual clients. Benefits of creating custom book boxes with your company’s logo include:

  • Creates brand awareness: Custom book shipping boxes help display your brand in a way that gets others to take notice. Book shipping boxes can showcase an eye-catching display so customers can successfully recognize your brand. 
  • Increases sales: A book mailer increases the perceived value of your products, making a big impact on bottom line profits. 
  • Differentiates your brand from others: Custom book boxes with your logo can make your products stand out from others on the market. Adding a fascinating color scheme or sleek, elegant design to your shipping boxes will enhance the unboxing experience for customers — and even help your brand get recognized on social media
  • Provides more information: Custom boxes let you include additional details concerning your products as well as new discounts and promotions.

Cater to Any Size Book With Custom-Printed Boxes

Bolt Boxes offers book shipping boxes that ensure your products remain safe and unscathed during transit and in storage. Using our online configurator, you can enter your book’s exact dimensions — length, width and height — to curate the ideal package for your product. All book shipping boxes from Bolt Boxes are custom-made to fit the book they contain, providing optimal support and protection when shipping a book.

Create Shipping Boxes For Books With Help From Bolt Boxes 

Are you ready to launch your new bookshop? Use custom-printed book boxes from Bolt Boxes to store, pack and stylishly deliver books. We have engineered unique combinations of old-world and modern technologies that enable a wide range of customization options for your book shipping boxes. For almost 60 years, we’ve been committed to helping you create the perfect packages with custom-designed boxes. 

Whether you wish to increase awareness for your brand or ensure your items are shipped safely, Bolt Boxes will support you every step of the way. Our years of structural design experience, prepress expertise, industry-leading turnaround times and 100% recyclable kraft boxes make us the go-to custom-printed box company in Minneapolis. 

Create your custom book box with your logo using our online configurator today. Or, contact one of our service representatives for more information about how we can help you customize your own book shipping box.