Design Tips for Custom PR Packages

Influencer marketing is a powerful approach that can help your business generate more sales through user-generated content. While influencer marketing typically involves paying these influential individuals to create content showcasing your brand, sending them thoughtful PR packages can be another way to prompt them to create organic content about your brand and products.

PR packages include products influencers can share with their audiences via social media posts like unboxing videos and product reviews. There’s so much value in distributing PR packages, but only if you do it right. In this guide, we show you how to create custom PR packages to drive traffic for your brand.

What Is a PR Package?

Public relations packages, also known as PR packages, PR boxes or PR kits, are promotional gift boxes containing curated brand products and other promotional items sent to celebrities or social media influencers. Typically, these packages are sent to the recipient for free, with the expectation that they’ll share the products with their followers in the form of social media posts. In other words, they “pay” you back for the products by giving your brand exposure.

For example, say a business sells haircare products. That business might put together a small PR box with their most popular hair oils and a personalized card, and then ship them out to a list of influencers. One of the recipient influencers might take a picture of the open PR box with the products inside and post it on their Instagram story, tagging the brand and thanking them for the package — subsequently sending all of their followers to the brand’s page.

Design Tips for Creating PR Packages for Influencers

The presentation of your PR packages has an impact on how successful they are in helping you gain organic brand exposure, increase brand recognition and drive valuable leads and sales. Here are some key design elements to consider when creating your influencer PR packages to ensure you capture and retain them and their audiences.

Use Custom Branded Packaging

Custom-branded PR boxes make a great first impression and create a unique unboxing experience that many influencers are glad to share with their followers. They incorporate brand logos, color schemes and typography into the design to reinforce brand recognition and build consistent brand experiences.

Well-branded custom packages are highly recognizable, from the moment the influencer spots them on their doorstep to when their audience sees them in a video. These packages set you apart from the competition, making it easy for the influencer’s followers to differentiate you from other brands when they go shopping.

Quality custom packaging also secures the products, helping ensure they reach the recipients in pristine condition and sending the message that you prioritize your product’s quality. Choosing sustainable packaging materials boosts your appeal to eco-conscious influencers and audiences while reducing your carbon footprint.

Prioritize Relevance

PR packages work best when the recipients feel seen and heard. You need to curate influencer packages that are relevant to the recipients and the audience you are targeting. Thoughtful PR packages let them know you care about the influencers you work with and appreciate their honest opinions on their experience with your products. Typically, influencer PR packages include the items you want to promote and some additional gifts you know they’d appreciate.

For example, when sending makeup PR boxes, you could include a compact mirror the recipients can use as they try your products. At the same time, you’d want to ensure the makeup was suitable for their skin tone and type — information you can gather from PR questionnaires or by paying special attention to their content. Influencers are more likely to promote your products if they’re suited to them and meet their needs.

Include Personalized Messages

Adding a personalized message to your PR packages goes a long way to show the influencer you value them and appreciate their collaboration. It also helps with building lasting relationships with the influencer and earning their loyalty. Personalized thank-you notes, either handwritten or typed in a custom font, express brand authenticity and establish a foundation of trust and brand loyalty.

Here are a few more ways you can personalize messages included in influencer PR packages:

  • Address the influencers by name.
  • Express how much you appreciate their collaboration.
  • Highlight specific elements of their personal brand you love and relate to.
  • Include a call-to-action, such as asking for feedback or requesting them to tag you in their posts.

Once they’ve received the package and posted about it, it can be beneficial to follow up with them, such as by sending them a quick direct message about how you enjoyed their post and would love to work with them in the future. Further cement the relationship by continuously engaging with their posts. 

Share Information About Your Brand

You don’t want the influencer feeling like they don’t understand your products — especially not in front of thousands of potential clients in an unboxing video. Therefore, include information about your brand and products, such as a brief history and value proposition, the benefits of the products, and instructions for use, in the package.

This information makes it easy for them to differentiate you from other similar brands and provides them with hints on how to create content that’s valuable for their audience and your brand. It also ensures they provide authentic and informed reviews that prove helpful to their followers.

Benefits of Custom PR Packages

Custom influencer PR packages are an effective marketing strategy that provides many benefits for businesses.

  • Fostering loyalty: Sending exclusive or limited-edition PR packages grants influencers a feeling of exclusivity, which could help build lasting collaborations.
  • Creating brand awareness: When influencers share PR unboxings featuring your products, they make your brand known and recognizable to their audiences.
  • Boosting brand credibility: Influencers command the trust and credibility of their audience, who believe they share authentic opinions and reviews. When these audiences encounter your brand, they already believe the hype.
  • Receiving honest feedback: PR packages encourage influencers to try out your products and share feedback and valuable insights based on their experience. This feedback will help you streamline customer experience moving forward.

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