The Role of Custom Packaging in Building a Brand

When you’re focusing on marketing products to sell, the box they come in might seem unimportant, but packaging helps you make a good first impression with customers. Whether you’re in the process of rebranding or planning to start selling products, customized packaging can make a difference in your long-term operations.

Want to learn how to build a brand with packaging? Get advice about the major role that customized product packaging plays in the customer’s experience, brand recall and many other aspects of your sales. 

How Does Customizing Your Packaging Build Your Brand?

Customizing your packaging has many advantages for your brand, including how it is:

1. Attractive to Customers

Many customers will research a product before making a purchase. They may look at images of the product on your web store, but when the item arrives, its packaging and the additional features you include are often unexpected. Personalized packaging with your branding will instantly capture customers’ attention and reinforce your brand’s identity.

If you’re selling products in stores, attractive packaging will stand out from competitors on shelves, helping establish your brand as the preferred choice based on aesthetic marketing alone.

2. Convenient to Use as a Marketing Tool

If you’re looking for ways to reach a wider audience, using your packaging is an affordable solution, especially because retail and shipping boxes are something your products need anyway. Customizing your packages makes your brand easier to recall and recognize. You can easily market your brand in the following ways:

  • Designing your packaging for brand building to be luxurious, minimalistic or have a specific aesthetic quality that fits your theme.
  • Incorporating brand colors and logos so customers can get to know your company.
  • Using eco-friendly packing materials to sell sustainable products.

3. Good for Social Media Marketing

Customers who find your packaging unique or appealing will take pictures and videos of the unboxing and share the experience on social media. Your existing customers can influence potential buyers this way. Custom boxes with a sleek, professional design send the message that your brand is serious about your products’ quality. 

Many people enjoy watching unboxing videos for entertainment, and their buying decisions may be influenced by the free advertising you get from customers who love your presentation. 

4. Beneficial for Sustainability

Customers who shop for sustainable products may be willing to pay a little more for premium packaging backed by sustainable practices. You can draw more interest to your eco-friendly products with recyclable, compostable or reusable custom packaging that fits your message. You might even choose unique, durable retail or shipping boxes that customers can reuse.

5. A Way to Highlight Your Values

Custom packaging helps give your buyers an idea about what your brand represents. It also shows that you care about quality and have put time and energy into your packaging. Depending on the products you sell, you might be able to list features of your custom packaging as part of the experience, increasing the sales value. A subscription box can list an attractive mailer box as a reason to send it as a gift, for instance.

If you want to capitalize on your packaging’s ability to boost your reputation, you can include extras inside your shipping boxes. A simple thank you note or branded custom packaging materials, like filler and tape, can show customers your appreciation and the efforts you go through to give them good service.

6. Available in Different Styles

Printing is one aspect of customizing your packaging, but you can also order the type of packaging that would work the best for your products. Heavy-duty shippers, mailer boxes, poly-mailers and cartons are all possible options. Your price point will depend on which type of packaging you choose and the quality of the materials.

If you want to use branded shipping boxes, you can customize the shape and design to fit your theme. The style of a box can make a difference in terms of how easy it is to remove the product. 

7. Helpful for Shipping and Handling

Custom boxes snugly fit your products, providing superior protection and allowing you to use the smallest possible packaging. When you have more control over your materials, you can make sure your packaging is sufficiently light. Instead of using oversized boxes and an uncontrolled amount of packing, use functional boxes to keep your products in their best possible state.

This protection and potential for reduced shipping fees make your brand more appealing to a wider audience. Customers will be pleased with their well-packaged products, experiencing fewer damages and appreciating your company as a result.

8. A Better Customer Experience

Packaging is often your first real-life touchpoint with customers. Although you can sell products without dressing up your packaging, the first thing customers notice is the box the items come in, whether they pick it off the shelves or off their porch. Custom packaging reaffirms their purchasing decision and makes them more likely to want to buy from you again.

You can also enhance your customers’ experience with custom packing materials or additional items. Decorating the interior of your boxes adds a little extra value that can go a long way. When customers see the unique design of your custom packaging, your brand materials and the extra features you included, they will know your brand provided them with the best possible experience.

How Can You Create Quality Custom Packaging?

Now that you know how custom packaging affects a brand, give it a try for your business. If you’re ready to start designing your own packaging, take the design process one step at a time. Below are some tips for using packaging to increase your sales:

  • Order quality materials: Your packaging should be sturdy and effective at protecting your products. Choose a quality packaging made with durable materials, printing methods and box designs.
  • Use modern aesthetics: If you’re getting printed packaging, make sure the features are unique enough to attract customers without looking dated. Printing can be simplistic and successful, but you want to make sure customers will recognize your product for what it is.
  • Add your branding: Adding your logo, company colors or other features of your brand ensures customers remember who the products came from. Embossing or hot-stamping the logo also makes your packaging easily identifiable. 
  • Comply with legal prerequisites and regulations: Before you sell products using custom packaging, it’s important to make sure you have the proper certifications and follow all protocols. Certain regulations or restrictions may apply to cosmetic or medical products, for instance.
  • Choose a striking color scheme: Match the color scheme of your packaging to the aesthetics of your brand. It’s a good idea to print a test or prototype so you know what the finished packaging will look like.
  • Work with a reputable company: When you’re selecting your materials, colors, packaging styles and other aspects of your packaging, make sure you partner with a company that has a good track record.

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