Custom Boxes for Candles

Candles require sturdy packaging to secure them during shipping. Custom boxes perfectly fit the candles, preventing them from shifting, moving, breaking or leaking wax during transit. You can design custom packaging to handle the weight of different-sized candles and protect them during transit.

Well-designed custom candle boxes are also an effective way to showcase your business’ creativity and set you apart from the competition. Custom candle boxes are available in different styles, sizes, materials and finishes to help you market your brand in a way that is uniquely you. 

Win Your Customers by Custom-Printing Candle Boxes 

When you want to garner attention for your brand and set yourself apart, you need to go beyond manufacturing beautiful candles. Custom candle box packaging can enhance your customers’ unboxing experiences and build brand awareness. 

Consider these ways high-quality packaging can distinguish your company from the competition.

  • Making your customers’ unboxing experience a social media-worthy event: As unboxing videos have gained popularity on various social media channels such as YouTube and Instagram, companies are scrambling to make their packaging worthy of the excitement. Leverage the power of custom candle boxes to create a positive image and elevate your customers’ unboxing experience.
  • Offering a premium advertising channel: With so many advertisers competing for attention, making an immediate splash has never been more critical. Delivering candles in custom secondary packaging allows you to create a positive first impression by providing an exciting, unique, memorable experience that aligns with your brand’s values.
  • Protecting your customers’ orders: Custom candle packaging perfectly accommodates your product, ensuring candles arrive in perfect condition.

Custom Candle Box Design Considerations

Custom candle box designs require intricate details to ensure the packaging and its contents delight customers and boost your brand reputation. The perfect packaging design gives buyers an idea of what to expect inside, so it should excite them even before they unbox. Here are the primary factors to consider when determining the best custom candle box design for your brand.


You can use several materials to design the perfect custom candle boxes. The ideal options provide maximum protection by preventing these fragile products from melting or breaking before reaching the buyer. Here are the top two materials to consider for your made-to-order candle boxes.

  • Cardboard: This affordable, lightweight and durable material protects your candles against damage, heat and other environmental conditions. 
  • Kraft paper: Kraft candle boxes are eco-friendly and made from 100% recycled paper. They are excellent if you want to reduce waste and appeal more to your customers with sustainable packaging. 

Box Style

Custom candle packaging boxes meet your design specifications. However, you must still select the box style that best serves your clients and suits your brand. 

C-series boxes are the best option for shipping candles. They have an attached folding lid with a self-locking mechanism that reduces the risk of opening during shipping. C-series boxes let you maintain aesthetics and create exciting unboxing experiences because you do not need tape to close them. Mailer boxes are also sturdy enough to protect the candles from external shocks during shipping. 

Box Size and Shape

The boxes you choose should match your candles’ size and shape. For example, you need tall and narrow boxes for pillar candles, while short and wide boxes work perfectly for tapers and votives. If you want to pack several differently sized candles together, add box inserts and filler paper to prevent them from moving around during shipping.

Box Color

Color influences people’s emotions, behavior and perceptions. Choose a color scheme that evokes the desired feelings in your customers while staying true to your brand. The color of your custom packaging also needs to complement your candles. For instance, a brightly colored box with flowers coordinates with floral-scented and brightly colored candles. Use white or earth tones if you sell nature-inspired candles, or choose festive colors like red and green for your holiday collection. 

Printing Method

To boost brand awareness and recognition, you should include your company logo, name, tagline and instructions for candle use on the product packaging. The writing and graphics on your candle packaging must be precise and legible to draw the customer’s eye and accurately represent your brand. Here are the top printing considerations based on your brand’s aesthetic.

  • Digital: Digital printing is perfect for small orders requiring a fast turnaround time. It reproduces electronic images on various materials, including cardboard and coated boxes.
  • Lithographic: Lithographic printing is an excellent technique for processing large batches of high-quality orders. It produces superior prints with up to six colors of impression-free and unhindered graphics.
  • Flexographic: Flexographic printing is ideal for prints requiring a minimum or three colors. This method boasts high speeds and works with many materials.

How to Design Custom Candle Boxes With Bolt Boxes 

As the world’s fastest custom box manufacturer, Bolt Boxes does everything in-house, including printing, design, manufacturing and delivery. Choose from digital, lithographic or flexographic printing to bring your company logo to life on any tailor-made package. At Bolt Boxes, we help you design the perfect product custom boxes for your candles when you provide us with your specifications using our online configurator

Use these tips to help you design the most impressive candle custom packaging.

  • Consider your target audience and how you can align your brand with them. The packaging should visually represent your business and the product customers are about to unbox. 
  • Your custom candle boxes should highlight essential features and benefits to excite buyers when they receive their orders.
  • The packaging should be appropriate for where you sell your products, whether online, in retail stores or in small boutique stores. 
  • Compare your packaging to competitors’ to seek inspiration or determine how you can make yours superior.

Order Custom Boxes for Candles Today

Bolt Boxes has provided outstanding made-to-order packaging solutions for six decades. You can rest assured you will get sustainable packages for your products when choosing us as your custom box manufacturer. We make our boxes from 100% recyclable kraft cardboard containing 60% to 90% post-consumer waste. 

Are you ready to build your custom box for candles? Contact our design team for assistance or enter your specifications into our online configurator today.