Top Small Business Holiday Boxing Ideas

Are you hunting for boxing ideas your business can use to grow during the biggest shopping time of the year? The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to give back to your loyal customers. If you meet a lot of online orders normally, this is a good opportunity to try something a little different.

Below are some gift and packaging ideas to help optimize your sales during the busy holiday times of year.

1. Labels

Using seasonal labeling is a simple, affordable way to add a festive touch to your packaging without altering any of the materials you typically use. You can appeal to customers by adding a message to the labels like “Happy Holidays!” You can also have them printed with graphics related to your seasonal theme as the finishing touch.

Customers will notice even a small change to your packaging, like using themed labels. Adding an extra feature is a way for you to be creative around the holidays without temporarily altering your design.

2. Holiday Tape 

Adding custom tape to your design is an easy holiday packaging idea that requires little additional effort. Print your tape with a special message using festive colors, or choose graphics that express the essence of the holiday. If you already use tape on your packaging, replacing your usual materials will be a special surprise for customers.

3. Holiday Cards 

Adding cards to the inside of your packaging is relatively affordable depending on the material, size and design. Giving your customers Christmas cards or cards with another holiday greeting makes the unboxing experience special and encourages them to make more purchases. 

Customers appreciate handwritten messages wishing them well during a special time. They will associate your company with the familiarity of the greeting and feel you care about their business. 

4. Wrapping Paper 

When you picture holidays, you probably think of the bows, ribbon and wrapping paper covering presents. Using a festive wrapping paper is an affordable way to present products to eager customers around the holiday season.

Wrapping paper makes the unboxing experience feel like opening a gift. You can find wrapping paper with beautiful designs at a good price point for commercial use. The downside is that you or your staff has to spend time folding the paper around the products, but this is easy if you use thin gift wrap and stickers to hold it in place.

Gift wrap with a festive design creates a positive impression of your products. Your customers are excited by the prospect of opening presents, and they see how you went beyond their expectations with an aesthetically pleasing touch to your design.

5. Coupons and Gift Cards

If holiday cards seem like they would be outside of your price range, another way you can make your products special is by including seasonal coupons or gift card opportunities. You might already have gift cards printed for general purposes. You can reuse older gift card designs to express your generosity during the holiday season, or you can create new cards with a holiday print.

Offering shoppers a discount shows you care about promoting the holiday spirit. It gives your company a fun image that helps draw in returning customers. Some customers will want to buy more products if they expect to get a deal along with their purchases.

6. Hang Tags

Hang tags add a little aesthetic appeal to your packaging that feels personal and unique, just like a gift tag you would use to find your presents during a holiday gift exchange. If you use hang tags with your packaging, you can replace the original design with holiday-themed tags. Print a simple design on the tags or write a holiday greeting for customers. 

Hang tags are also great for including short quotes or advice related to the products you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling sweets or other food products, include a message about how indulgence can be good for celebrating the season.

7. Small Gifts 

Including a small gift with purchases like a sample product or a festive trinket can make a difference in your presentation, especially around the holidays. Sample gifts go a long way to show gratitude, and introducing small promotional gifts can help you gain popularity with your customer base.

Consider theming your gifts around the season to make the greatest impact on your customers. You could also base gift options on your company’s preferences and budget. The complimentary gifts can be specific to your industry or products, or you can use gifts that are general to the holiday. Hot drink mixes are popular throughout winter and affordable to obtain in bulk, making them a good choice. If your company promotes wellness, bath bombs could make fitting gifts. 

8. Themed Packaging 

If you use custom packaging, you can update the printing or the style around the holidays to really make a statement with your customers. This is a good option if your company periodically changes its packaging, which can engage customer interest. A holiday-themed box design will immediately captivate your customers, adding to the quality of their buying experience.  

Themed packaging is always photo-worthy, but customers know that a festive design must be limited to a certain time period, making it rarer and more special. Packaging with a quality design often ends up in social media posts and your company’s reviews. If your customers know you offer special holiday packaging, they might place more orders to have shipped directly as gifts to loved ones, expanding your reach.

9. Miscellaneous Surprises

Additional items like polaroid pictures, recipe cards or coloring pages can make your products stand out. Free promotional items can be practical, like a business card, or fun and unique. Giving these items out can be a fun way to celebrate the holidays with your customers.

10. Eco-Friendly Materials

If you’re looking for new styles of packaging to implement during the holiday rush, some of the most affordable options are eco-friendly and sustainable. During times of heavy consumption, eco-friendly cardboard boxes are ideal for sending your orders out. In some industries, customers expect to receive sustainable packaging because of the brand’s theme or typical investments.

Using cardboard is only one option. You can use recycled paper to wrap your products and include other eco-friendly alternatives to replace plastics. Use twine instead of plastic ties, for example.

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