How to Create Minimalist Packaging Design

How to create minimalist packaging design

Minimalism in packaging is a fast-emerging trend driven by the fundamental principles of simplicity and sustainability. While the main focus of minimalist packing is using as few materials as possible, it also encourages toning down visual aspects to deliver a highly targeted brand message.

Undeniably, it’s growing on business owners and customers thanks to its focus on only what’s important, leaving the product to do the talking. Shifting to minimalist packaging can help you stick to your sustainability goals and reduce your carbon footprint while driving numerous other benefits. Learn its main advantages and tips for creating a minimalist packaging design.

Benefits of Minimalist Packaging Designs

The elegance and simplicity of minimalist custom packaging designs convey powerful messages to customers and deliver other benefits to your company and the environment.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Minimalist packaging saves raw materials and the energy used to produce them by eliminating excess layers and unnecessary frills. It focuses on streamlined and customized packaging designs that fit products perfectly, which minimizes material waste. Today, most consumers are willing to pay at least 10% more for sustainably packed products.

Using green and sustainable materials also contributes to reducing the environmental impact of packaging. Kraft paper is an affordable 100% virgin fiber option that can be used to create minimalist custom packaging for a range of products, including food and drinks. The material is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and renewable.


The fact that minimalist packaging uses less material than traditional packaging cuts back company expenses. Its cost-effectiveness is also due to using simple, uncomplicated, affordable designs. Besides, the compactness and lightweight of custom-packaged products cut back shipping costs. The savings on shipping costs are due to less transportation energy and fewer trucks used to ship cargo.

Decreased production costs increase profits for your business and may also give you the latitude to minimize costs for your customers. You may reduce your customer’s expenses by offering cheaper shipping or lowering the product’s prices. You can also reinvest your savings to provide an improved customer experience to encourage brand loyalty and boost sales.


Minimalist product packaging communicates your brand values quickly by including only essential information. This introduces what the product is and your brand values, helping to preempt any questions from the consumers. Using packaging to provide enough information helps buyers quickly determine if your products and brand suit them, which may help elevate your brand’s image and reputation.

It is often functional and practical, which improves brand perception and credibility because it accurately reflects your brand without attempting brand-building outright. Be sure any changes you make improve your packaging — many consumers will change brands because of subpar packaging. This means compromising on your packaging design may make you lose some of your current client base.

Customer Experience

Investing in a minimalist packaging design can deliver an enhanced customer unboxing experience, which is a powerful marketing tool in this social media age. The rise of consumerism has made more customers care as much about how a company treats them as they do about their product quality. McKinsey’s future of customer experience research reveals that improving customer experience may increase sales revenue by 2%-7%.

Offering your customers a unique unboxing experience excites them, improves their perception of your product and encourages them to share your brand online. It also gives you a competitive edge because they can identify your products easily and nudge them to make a rapid purchase decision.

Creating a customer experience helps improve the unboxing experience

Ideas for Minimalist Packaging

Wondering how to tone down your busy packaging to do more for your brand? Here are some tried and true ideas to create minimalist packaging designs.

Go for Monochromatic Packaging

Monochromatic designs are key for minimalism in packaging. They’re muted yet stand out amongst tons of color splashed on many product packages. They also symbolize reminiscence and sophistication that make you elevate your brand and make it memorable. To achieve monochromatic minimalism, use one dominant brand color or shade for all your packaging designs, and no one will miss your products on the shelves.

Embrace White Space

Minimalist packaging typically embraces a lot of white space to deliver an elegant and sophisticated customer experience. The white space allows you to draw attention to the most essential features of your brand, such as the logo.

Apple is an excellent example of a company that leverages tons of white space to make its packaging stand out. As a result, when you see the white Apple packaging, you can instantly identify the brand and product. Additionally, consumers appreciate Apple’s unique minimalist packaging because it’s made of eco-friendly materials.

Stick to Simple Typography

Simple typography is another pillar of minimalist packaging design. Clear, clean and plain fonts make it easy for clients to read and identify your brand. Block-style fonts, such as Roboto, Montserrat, Tahoma and Cooper Blacker, are good options without fancy swirls and cursive lettering to include on minimalist packaging.

Glossier is an example of a brand that uses simple typography on its packaging. They use a bold version of Apercu Pro font on their packaging design for a sleek and modern look.

Include a Bold Logo

Minimalist packaging design draws attention to your branding. Ensure your logo is bold to stand out and make your brand memorable. Imprinting your brand logo on monochromatic packaging is timeless and distinguishes you from the competition. It also helps you earn your customers’ trust because they perceive your brand as honest and transparent, which is a huge selling point for businesses today.

Experiment With Minimalist Illustrations

Including minimalist illustrations, such as thick or thin and straight or scribbled lines, with or without form, can be an excellent way to add some art to packaging while keeping it uncluttered and simple. Illustrations on your packaging make it a storytelling canvas to grab attention and create a deeper connection with consumers without overwhelming them.

Unlock Your Minimalism Packaging Potential With Bolt Boxes

Unlock your minimalist packaging

After considering all the perks of minimalist packaging, you may be excited to elevate your customer’s experience with simple packaging designs. At Bolt Boxes, we can help you realize these dreams by working with you to customize your minimalist packaging. We provide online tools to select the perfect package sizes to minimize material waste. 

Our sustainable packing boxes are made from 100% recyclable kraft paper or corrugated boxes with 30%-70% post-consumer waste to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Contact us today to make an order or build your box online to receive a free quote in five simple steps.