How Can Custom Packaging Help Customers Pick Valuable Products?

You might think your packaging choices matter less than other aspects of marketing or branding, but packaging can serve as one of the most valuable sales tools available. It’s an important feature of a product’s presentation, whether you are stocking your store or mailing the items directly to your customers.

So how can you market your retail product packaging to your advantage and increase your sales? Learn how to best customize the features of your product boxes and the benefits of doing so.

The Advantages of Custom Packaging

With professional custom packaging, your products are sure to get noticed and appreciated upon delivery. Your presentation matters when you’re trying to appeal to customers.

  • Provide information: Any information that customers may need to know about their purchase can be printed on the label, from details on how to recycle or reuse the box to instructions on using your product.
  • Differentiate your products: With custom shipping boxes or packaging, your products are distinguished from competitors’ items, helping them stand out on shelves or among other deliveries your customers get. 
  • Grab customers’ attention: Customers who know what kind of products they’re looking for are drawn to the style of packaging they’re expecting to see.
  • Present the brand: Your retail and shipping boxes can promote your business’s logo, graphic designs and colors. The packaging style can also demonstrate your brand’s quality, whether that’s luxe, family-oriented, eco-conscious or anything else.
  • Add aesthetic quality: An artistic design can enhance the perceived value of your products. Packaging with a few simple but elegant features can match everything from luxury products to minimalistic goods.
  • Connect with customers: Having quality retail boxes can increase your sales. In some cases, the packaging may help customers make a selection between similar products.

How to Make Your Custom Packaging Connect With Customers 

Plain brown boxes are becoming obsolete as more large and small businesses add an expressive quality to their packaging. If you’re looking for ideas on how to make your valuable products more noticeable to customers, below are some of the best packaging tips:

1. Use Custom Shipping Boxes

Enhance your mailer boxes with a simple printed pattern to distinguish your products from the plain shipping boxes competitors use. Acquiring printed shipping boxes for your business has many advantages, including:

  • It is satisfying to customers, enhancing the unboxing experience and encouraging social media sharing.
  • It reflects the personality of your products and branding, helping to build a reputation.
  • It makes your brand appealing to customers who are looking to have gifts shipped to loved ones.

2. Market Directly on Your Packaging

Custom packaging can be useful for more than enhancing aesthetics. Customers often judge products based on their outward appearance on store shelves or in images online, and they will also notice branding when you print on mailer packaging. Take this opportunity to make a good impression on your customers.

You want customers to associate their purchases with your brand’s logo, colors or design on the front of the box. Repeat customers will come to expect these design trends, and they might save their boxes with your brand name. Prospective customers might first become acquainted with your brand when they look at reviews that include pictures or videos of your packaging.

3. Include Extra Features in Your Packaging

You can also customize packaging designed for deliveries by adding special features and additions to the interior of your boxes. Extra features come as a surprise to customers. Ideas include:

  • Adding thank you notes or cards to show your appreciation for customers’ support.
  • Using colorful tape, stickers, ribbons, tissue paper and other appealing wrapping materials to creatively seal different components of your products.
  • Customizing the interior of packaging to show off your brand’s attention to detail and create a backdrop for product photos.

4. Display Your Unique Ideas

Printed retail and shipping boxes are a step above plain ones in terms of creativity and quality. Custom packaging also has functional qualities, like how products with an unusual shape are easier to fit with a custom solution, but it also allows you to display your brand’s unique style.

You can add creativity to your packaging with:

  • A pattern related to a special seasonal event, such as snowflakes or pumpkins.
  • Patterned displays to remind customers of the product line’s theme.
  • Creative images or logos related to your brand, which ingrains the company name into customer’s memory.

5. Encourage Multiple Uses

When your retail and shipping boxes have a unique style, customers can reuse them as decorations. You can also design your boxes to convert into toys or other fun configurations. Boxes designed to provide more than one use add value because:

  • They’re more eco-friendly and can be marketed as sustainable.
  • They can promote your business after customers receive the contained products and put the boxes to use.
  • They give customers another purpose for ordering and make them feel like free gifts are included with the purchase.

6. Add Seasonal Details

If you offer seasonal products or theme a line around holidays, your packaging can reflect the special time of year. Add printing to your packaging to reflect the season. You can differentiate boxed products based on festive times in many different ways, but printing is a quick and easy solution for this purpose.

If you want to rebrand, a special holiday season when many customers tend to place orders is a good time to reprint your boxes. Customers may enjoy receiving seasonally branded packaging, and they will post positive reviews about their experience.

7. Select the Right Printing Technique

Different types of printing methods create effects that can vary slightly, so it’s important to choose the technique that will suit your brand. For example, lithographic printing is a distinctive technique that adds an elegant finish and looks upscale on packaging. Digital printing adds crisp, clear images with a high potential for vivid solid colors.

8. Choose Packaging That Is Easy to Open

Your packaging serves to effectively protect the product during transit to the end-user, but you also want your customers to enjoy the unboxing experience. Order packaging with a simple but effective sealing method that most customers can open with little effort.

The design of your packaging should be intuitive. Fold-up cardboard boxes are typically easier to open than plastic mailer bag packaging. Product boxes can be crafted with special folds that seal in the product using minimal tape or stickers. Making boxes easy to open also makes it simpler for customers to reuse them.

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