Benefits of Buying Custom Boxes in Bulk

Benefits of buying custom boxes in bulk

When it comes to business purchasing, buying in bulk is often a great way to save money. You’re practically guaranteed to use boxes, so bulk buying can help you spend less, avoid running out of materials and enjoy a wide range of other advantages. Custom boxes take the benefits even further with containers that fit your product perfectly and give your customers a better experience.

Let’s explore the benefits of buying custom boxes in bulk and how they can help your business thrive.

1. Affordability

One of the most noticeable benefits of buying in bulk is the cost savings. When you get bulk custom boxes, wholesale pricing allows you to save significantly over standard prices. Suppliers can generally sell boxes without the high markup that’s often necessary to offset smaller purchases. Those savings get passed onto you, and you can buy the materials for a much lower cost. Inflation can be hard to predict. When you buy in bulk, you’re locking in a low price for the time you use those boxes.

While the overall price of corrugated boxes in bulk is often lower, you also save by reducing your shipping costs. One large shipment is generally cheaper than many small ones. It’s more environmentally friendly, too. Plus, custom boxes often eliminate the cost of purchasing extra packaging materials such as bubble wrap and tape.

2. Assured Availability

Volatile supply chains can make it hard to predict when you’ll need certain supplies. Trying to make purchases based on demand or your existing stock may come with inaccurate predictions or inadequate shipping times. Having products ready to ship without boxes to hold them can be frustrating and cause delays for your customers and your overall operation. Expedited shipping and box production can also be expensive.

When you buy in bulk, you know you always have boxes ready. A large stockpile of boxes can help you improve shipping times and avoid interruptions due to insufficient supplies. Faster shipping means happier customers, so bulk buying helps you improve the customer experience and stand out from your competition. It also offers extensive peace of mind, so you can be confident in getting products where they need to be.

3. Simple Storage and Assembly

Some organizations hesitate to buy products in bulk due to complicated storage demands, but storing boxes is especially easy. Since they flatten out, you can stack hundreds of boxes in a small space. They don’t need to take up precious floor real estate, but they’re ready to go when you need them. They’re also easy to assemble, so you can quickly create them as needed without storing large boxes around your facility.

4. Consistent Quality

Buying custom boxes in bulk helps ensure your boxes meet quality demands

When you buy in bulk, you know your boxes are coming from the same producer — and likely the same batch. If you run out of boxes, you might need to order from a different supplier, one that might have a poorer printing process or inadequate materials that fall apart during transit. Even if the boxes are good, they might differ from your typical boxes, reducing consistency and creating a less-reliable experience for your customers.

Buying custom boxes in bulk can help you better ensure that your boxes meet your quality demands for the reliable performance your customers expect.

5. Support for Your Brand Image

While bulk boxes help you provide on-time shipping and reliable quality, custom designs go even further, allowing you to create unique experiences for your customers. At Bolt Boxes, for instance, our structural designers create custom boxes that fit your products perfectly and help you build brand awareness. From identifying your product on a shelf to getting excited when they see a specifically colored box arrive, your customers’ response to your box makes a big difference.

Custom boxes allow you to create the ideal brand image for your company. A sleek and minimalist box might imply luxury, while a bright, colorful box suggests a fun and youthful product. Your designs shape your product’s image, with packaging playing a significant role. You can even use your packaging to convey important messages, like your company’s mission or environmental commitment. Custom boxes can help you show your customers what you’re all about and make their experience one to remember.

6. Product-Specific Designs

Similarly, custom boxes also allow you to build a box specifically for your products. Maybe you sell uniquely shaped items or want to create an experience when customers open your package, complete with separate compartments for different products. Customized packaging makes it possible. You can keep your products safer during transit with structural designs built specifically for your items. We can, for example, build boxes that help minimize jostling during shipping or provide resistance to crushing.

Customized packaging is also a great way to ship items sustainably. With product-specific designs, you can avoid unnecessary packaging, which helps minimize excessive material use and takes up less space on transit vehicles. It can save significantly on shipping costs, too.

Using recycled and recyclable materials can further promote an environmentally friendly approach to packaging, which is good for the planet and your brand. Today’s consumers are increasingly concerned with buying sustainable products and are happy to pay more for them.

7. Simplicity

Keeping up with ordering demands for non-bulk purchases requires skill and attention to detail. When things get busy, re-ordering might slip through the cracks, leading to costly expedited services or delayed products and unhappy customers. A bulk purchase is much more convenient and easier to manage. You can make orders more infrequently and minimize the demands for checking stock counts, budgeting for purchases or planning the best time to place orders.

Bulk purchases can greatly simplify the process of ordering boxes, making it less stressful and reducing risk, especially during busy seasons. Custom boxes also offer simplicity through shipping prep and assembly. Ill-fitting boxes might require convoluted processes and additional materials, like bubble wrap and tape. A custom box eliminates these steps for more streamlined shipping and storage.

Confidently Buy in Bulk With Bolt Boxes

Custom boxes in bulk should always come from a reputable provider with a wide range of capabilities. At Bolt Boxes, we offer diverse design and printing services for products and businesses of all kinds. Our experienced structural designers can create the ideal box for your needs, supported by our versatile print capabilities. Quality comes standard with every box, and we offer some of the shortest lead times in the industry.

Build your custom box today, or chat with an expert to learn more!

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