How Can Custom Packaging Help in a Business Startup?

If you’re ready to start a business, finding packaging for your products is a priority. When you’re trying to get ahead in the marketplace, selecting custom packaging is one of the most efficient ways to help your business startup grow.

Conducting successful sales is a critical step for initiating your products and retaining customers. Learn how you can use the best possible marketing strategies with simple packaging practices.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Packaging for Business Startups?

Many benefits are related to the superior quality and artistic freedom that customizing your packaging allows for. Here’s how unique packaging for business startups can help you sell more products:

1. Encourages Social Media Marketing

It’s possible to build a substantial online marketing campaign without doing much of your own work. Customers will often post unboxing images or videos after they receive their products, especially when the packaging is aesthetically appealing and fun to open. Prospective customers will look at these posts in reviews or on social media.

These potential customers might watch a product being unboxed to get more information about an item before they buy it. Seeing someone else open the product may convince them to finally make a purchase. 

2. Promotes Brand Recognition

You can get your custom packaging printed to display your brand’s logo, colors and any other details that you want your customers to see. When they spot your products on store shelves or unbox them at home, they will be immediately reminded of your branding.

Once you start making some sales as a startup, your branded packaging will become more widely recognized. This aspect of custom packaging for new businesses makes it a valuable marketing tool, especially when you hire a company to do your printing. Customers will feel your brand’s identity through the special characteristics of your product boxes.

3. Adds Quality to the Product

The customer’s first impression of your product is its packaging. Packaging with custom printing has a superior overall quality to the standard options you might be used to. The higher your design’s quality, the more customers will associate your product — and your business — with high quality. 

When you choose custom packaging, you can also select a printing style that resonates with your brand. Each type of printing has a unique appearance that enhances the quality of your boxes. If you want to convey the highest quality to potential customers, consider lithographic printing, for instance.

4. Enhances Protection for Products

Custom packaging certainly has many advantages in terms of enhancing the unboxing process and giving customers a unique presentation. But it also functions to provide your products with superior protection. Order from a reputable company to have product boxes made with high-quality, durable materials and printing methods.

Custom packaging can securely fit the shape of your products, protecting them during transportation and shipping more than large, bulky packaging would. If your products are fragile or have an unusual shape, they could be vulnerable while they are on the way to customers or stores. If you customize the size of your packaging and add padding materials, you will be able to transport fragile products more securely. The result is fewer damages and returns — a key benefit for a new company trying to maintain a profit.

5. Distinguishes Your Business From Competitors

Custom packaging is always unique, whereas standard packaging sizes might be used by any of your competitors. When you print your own colors and logos directly onto boxes, you draw a clear distinction between your products and those of competitors. Using packaging as a marketing tool can set you apart from the competition.

Distinguishing your brand is very important when your business is just getting off the ground. You want customers to know who you are, and customized packaging lets them know immediately.

6. Reduces Shipping Costs

As a small business owner, custom packaging is typically more cost-effective than standard packaging, especially when you select the right kind for your products. You can usually determine how much you’re saving in terms of shipping and handling. Expect to save more in the long term with custom boxes.

Using custom boxes can save a more significant amount if you’re selling smaller products. The weight of your packaging can be slightly lower for fitted boxes than it would be for bulky full-sized boxes, and fitted boxes may also better protect your products from damage.

7. Offers More Eco-Friendly Options

Many consumers look for eco-friendly products and services — 61% of customers in the United States alone consider sustainability when making purchase decisions. Some of these consumers may be more willing to buy your products if the packaging is better for the environment, whether it reduces waste or can be reused and recycled.

You can raise awareness for your company’s environmentally friendly business practices with compostable, recyclable or reusable packaging while you market your brand and sell your products. 

How to Design Your Custom Packaging

Now that you know how getting custom packaging helps your business startup succeed, you need to know how to design and order custom boxes.

You can design your packaging with Bolt Boxes by choosing:

  1. Your product: What shape and size box would be able to fit this product? Measure the product’s dimensions before you order your packaging. 
  2. The style of box: Will you use shipping boxes, end-loading boxes, C-series boxes or another type of packaging?
  3. The dimensions: Select the length, width and height of the box you will need to use.
  4. Your visual art: Select between digital printing, litho printing and flexo printing. The type of box will determine which printing style works the easiest. Upload your unique design or work with our designers, who will help create a stylish pattern for your packaging.
  5. The quantity: After you have completed the design phase, it’s time to order your packaging. You can order a small number of boxes for quality testing, or choose bulk orders if you’re ready to start packing and selling. The calculator on the ordering page will show you the cost before you place an order.

Order Custom Packaging From Bolt Boxes

Create your own personalized packaging with Bolt Boxes so you can get your business started in style. We’re a member of the Fiber Box Association — meaning our boxes are 100% recyclable — and we have certifications to indicate our quality. We have multiple box sizes, styles and printing methods available to suit your startup’s needs. Contact us if you have a question about how we can design your boxes!