The Top Packaging Industry Trends for 2022

top packaging trends of 2022

The past couple of years have been a challenge for many industries, and the packaging industry is no exception. Many of the challenges of the pandemic brought about big changes in packaging and were a driving force behind the top packaging industry trends of the year.

As we move into 2022, many of the same packaging trends will continue, and we may see a few new trends, as well. The packaging industry is closely tied in to many other industries like retail, food service, manufacturing and many others. And the packaging industry has adapted along with other sectors as they face challenges and changes of their own. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top trends that will shape 2022 and beyond for the packaging industry.

Increased E-Commerce

One of the biggest and most visible trends for the packaging industry lately is the sharp increase in e-commerce. Even as some areas are returning to more in-person experiences, many people still prefer to do much of their shopping online, opting for delivery right to their homes. This, of course, means more shipping boxes and other packaging materials used to get all of these goods to consumers’ homes.

The increased demand for goods — and the packaging that comes with it — along with supply chain issues have been a challenge for the packaging industry. But all of this has also required many packaging companies to think about their packaging. They’re finding ways to stand out from the competition, increase their productivity and be more sustainable with the types of materials used in their packaging. Those benefits pass onto other industries that use these improved packaging options.

Custom Packaging and Digital Printing

In a sea of shipping boxes, you want your products to stand out. Today, you can find endless options for customizing your products’ packaging, including new printing technologies that give your customers instant brand recognition and a “wow” factor with vibrant colors and printed graphics. No longer are you restricted to plain brown boxes. A variety of different printing types and materials mean you can customize your packaging to fit in with your product and your brand image.

You can choose multi-color options and high-quality images for your product and shipping boxes that will truly make your packaging memorable and serve as bold advertising for your company. The printing technologies available today make packaging customization easier and more affordable than ever before. With quality, custom printing, you improve your overall customer experience and can see repeat business.

Packaging as an Experience

unboxing products on social media

Directly related to custom packaging is the idea of packaging as an experience. You’ve likely heard the term “unboxing” before, as it relates to opening up a shipment and discovering what’s inside. Influencers and everyday customers alike often take to social media to unbox products, so a memorable experience could give you a boost with word-of-mouth marketing.

Consumers want to be wowed or surprised instead of just opening a plain brown box with the same old plastic or foam packaging inside. With today’s creative capabilities for package design, the box and protective packaging can be a part of the product’s experience. These small touches enhance the overall experience and keep customers coming back for more because they feel personally cared for.

More specifically, the packaging as an experience trend can manifest in a few different ways:

  • Luxury packaging: Today’s consumers enjoy treating themselves to something a little more luxurious and want product packaging that enhances this experience. Think perfumes, gourmet food and wine, upscale liquors, electronics and more. These items often utilize higher quality packaging materials and may even use multiple layers of packaging, giving an indulgent feel to the product.
  • Vintage-inspired packaging: Nostalgia has also been quite popular lately, as many people look back fondly at simpler times. Products can tap into these feelings with vintage-looking packaging — either using old logos, patterns and designs from the company’s history or simply using designs inspired by vintage prints of the past.
  • VR and AR in packaging: The use of virtual reality and augmented reality right on a product’s packaging can truly enhance the customer’s overall experience. This may take the form of interactive games, short videos and other experiences the user can access with a smart device through a QR code. They may also include special coupons, deals or access to exclusive content and more.

Sustainability Concerns for Packaging

Going hand-in-hand with the sharp increase in e-commerce, one of the top trends in packaging in 2022 is a concern for sustainability. There was already increased consumer concern when it came to sustainability issues, and the pandemic only served to heighten and complicate these concerns. The increase in online shopping and shipping has left consumers with excessive amounts of boxes and packing materials like plastic or foam padding, much of which just gets thrown away.

Packaging companies and retailers rising to the top of the competition have sustainability concerns in mind and prioritize environmentalism in their products and packaging. Designing better shipping boxes customized to the products being shipped means less frustration for the consumer and less packaging used overall.

In the coming year, we predict a move toward even more sustainable materials being utilized for packaging. Packaging will be made with higher percentages of recycled materials, and the materials themselves will be recyclable. Custom printing can be used to help consumers know how to recycle or reuse their packaging.

Tamper-Evident Packaging

Consumers have health and safety at the front of their minds, whether they’re shopping online or in-store. Protective and tamper-evident packaging are among the biggest packaging industry trends this year to help improve customers’ peace of mind. Better or additional product and box seals let your customers know your products got to them without being tampered with.

Quality, durable shipping boxes also help protect your goods, ensuring your products get to customers intact. With tamper-evident and protective packaging, you can impress your customers and potentially see reduced returns and refunds because of damaged products.

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