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It’s that time of the year! Universities and high schools around the country are celebrating their graduates’ success. Even with some institutions holding their ceremonies virtually or with only some of the students able to attend, educational institutions can still make sure grads receive their diplomas safely and in style with custom printed diploma mailer boxes.

What Is a Custom Diploma Box?

A diploma box is a type of C-Series mailer box that will fit your diplomas and the accompanying packaging materials. Their corrugated cardboard construction makes them durable and reliable, and they have a sleek appearance that you can customize to fit your school. The hinged lid self-locks to seal the contents snugly in place and is easy to open upon delivery.

What Are the Benefits of Using Custom Diploma Boxes?

Every year, some students are unable to attend their graduation ceremonies, and many institutions prefer to use prop diplomas during the ceremony instead of handing out the actual documents. Having a secure way to mail diplomas to students is a convenient solution for institutions that want to make sure the documents arrive in a safe and timely manner.

Below are some of the benefits custom diploma boxes offer:

  • A quality design: You can request custom printing options to make the mailing boxes suit your institution. Print your school’s colors on the boxes along with the institution name, logo or mission statement.
  • Superior shipping: C-Series mailing boxes are a sturdy choice for precious items such as students’ graduation certificates. The boxes’ stable structure ensures that the items inside will arrive free of dents and tears.
  • The experience: After years of hard work, finally receiving a diploma is an exciting moment in a student’s life. A custom box makes the experience special. It also gives them a safe place to store their diploma while looking for the perfect frame.

How Else Can You Use a Custom Diploma Box?

A C-Series box is entirely customizable, with enough space for a few more items if the institution chooses to include them. Some possibilities are:

  • Honors certificates or awards for students who missed a ceremony.
  • Photo booklets or yearbooks that the institution needs to deliver after the end of the school year.
  • Promotional items from the institution, such as armbands, water bottle holders, textbook covers or bookmarks.

Create a Custom Diploma Box for Your School With Bolt Boxes Today

Give your grads a premium unboxing experience with Bolt Boxes’ custom diploma boxes. Add your institution’s artwork on the inside or outside of our printed diploma mailers and let your graduates receive their diplomas in a premium printed package.
We can help you personalize your mailers with your institution’s branding added to the box. We also offer custom sizing if you are including additional items with the graduate’s diploma. If you’re interested in ordering custom diploma boxes, give us a call at 1-800-677-8283, email or reach out using our online form to learn more.

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Examples of Custom Diploma Boxes from Bolt Boxes

Custom Diploma Mailer BoxGive your grads a premium unboxing experience with custom diploma mailing boxes. 

Printed Diploma Boxes

Print your institution’s artwork on the outside and/or inside of the printed diploma boxes.

Print your institution’s artwork on the outside and/or inside of the printed diploma boxes